Whether you call it gardening, yard-work or landscaping, the maintenance you put into making the outside of your property look great is time consuming work. You want to make sure your property isn’t the eyesore on the block, but you also don’t have enough extra hours in your week to make sure that your landscape is looking clean-cut and updated.

Design a low-maintenance landscape and implement easy-to-care-for features into your yard so you can easily keep up with your landscaping preferences, without having to spend all of your extra time trying to stay on top of landscape maintenance. Here are 5 tips to consider as you turn your outdoor property into a low-maintenance landscape:

  • Consider your space
  • Choose low-maintenance plants
  • Incorporate hardscaping features
  • Optimize water use
  • Consider maintenance needs

Consider Your Space

Before you get started, you need to look around your property to see what options you have as you make plans for a low-maintenance landscape. Consider what the climate is like, as well as the soil-type and how much sun exposure your yard receives. All of these factors will contribute to the design process and what features are best suited for the space itself and your family’s use of the outdoor space.

If you have plants or any outdoor features you enjoy already in place, plan to use them to your advantage and incorporate them into your designs.

5 Tips For Designing A Low-Maintenance Landscape

Choose Low-maintenance Plants

Choosing plants that will complement your home without adding any extra work to your plate is a key element of designing a low maintenance landscape. Consider what plants you already have available that you’d like to incorporate and make sure they aren’t high-maintenance when it comes to trimming, pruning, dead-heading or staking. Decorative grasses and plants that are native to north Texas are among your best options if you are going to be adding new plants into your low-maintenance landscape.

Incorporate Hardscaping Features

Incorporate any pre-existing hardscaping features as a starting place and design your low-maintenance landscape out from there. Hardscaping features provide a no-fuss, pleasing-to-the-eye aesthetic for homeowners who want to update their landscape’s appearance without committing any more time to the physical labor.

If you are starting from scratch, consult with a local landscape service to help you determine what type of hardscape features will work best for your property.

Optimize Water Use

In Texas, the amount of water we need to take care of our landscapes varies based on the temperatures we experience, the amount of rainfall we receive and the type of plants incorporated in our landscapes. When designing a low-maintenance landscape, it’s important to consider how much water usage and time you’ll be required to supply.

Incorporate a smart irrigation system into your landscape plans so your plants are only watered when necessary and without your help. Plants that have similar watering needs should be grouped together to optimize water usage. If you have flower beds or areas where you have a handful of plants grouped together, consider using mulch to retain moisture in the soil and reduce watering needs.

Consider Maintenance Needs

The best thing you can do to create a low-maintenance landscape is to incorporate features that don’t need constant attention. Plants that are disease-resistant and require minimal maintenance are surefire solutions, as well as rocks, stone or concrete, which requires little to no maintenance to care for.

Landscape Design In Keller, Texas

Landscape design should be a fun and exciting process, particularly if you give your landscape a refresh with a new, low-maintenance look. However, the design process can still be a bit tricky if you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for. That’s where the professionals at R&O Landscape Services can assist. Our professional team will help you design the perfect low-maintenance landscape so your property has a no-fuss appeal. Call R&O Landscape Services today at 817-944-4592 to speak to one of our team members!