Spring Lawn Care Tips For Texas

Spring is on its way and before it gets here, you need to make sure you have a game-plan for how to care for your Texas long in the springtime! There’s always some sort of lawn care that can be done, but just because it can, doesn’t mean it needs to be. You should consider what type of grass your lawn is made up of, what condition it’s in and whether it needs more in-depth care than you can regularly provide.  As you start to plan for springtime lawn maintenance, here are a few key steps you won’t want [...]

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7 Benefits Of Pergola Installation

Are you looking for an updated look to incorporate into your outdoor space? Pergolas have become an increasingly popular option for home builders who want to add to their property’s value while enjoying a tangible benefit at the same time. Pergolas can be either freestanding structures or they can attach to your home on one or more sides.  While there are many more benefits to include, here are 7 of the top benefits of having a pergola: Provides shade and reduces sunlight Adds structure to your property Extends your living space Increases privacy  Adds to your home’s value Low [...]

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Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Kitchen

Warm weather is just around the corner and that means it’s soon going to be more desirable to hang outside and enjoy some fresh air. One outdoor design feature that is rapidly growing in popularity is an outdoor kitchen! Adding one to your hardscaping plans is a great way to upgrade your entertainment space! Having an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your property and comes with several benefits including:  Increasing entertainment space Lowering energy bills Adding value to your home Increasing outdoor time Keeps mess out of your indoor kitchen  Increased Entertainment Space For most folks who [...]

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5 Steps Of Sod Installation

With spring around the corner and the hope of cool weather behind you, this might be the perfect time to consider updating your lawn’s appearance! One of the quickest and most thorough ways to do this is to install sod. While the process itself requires a good amount of labor, the end result will leave you with a beautiful, lush lawn that will give you a leg up on maintaining your lawn’s health.  Before you dig into the process of laying sod, give some attention to the steps involved and what each step entails:  Measure your lawn and order [...]

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Concrete Installation For Landscaping

If you’re looking to update the appearance of a walkway, driveway, patio or any area of your outdoor property by incorporating an element of concrete design into the process, taking advantage of the versatility concrete provides might be just the right approach for you! Concrete is easy to work with, convenient to produce and can be beautifully designed in any way that compliments your style and your home. When you opt to use concrete for your next outdoor project you can count on its quality and craftsmanship to: Hold up well over time Easily blend into your existing landscape [...]

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Benefits Of Sprinkler System Install For Commercial Property

As a commercial property owner, no doubt you are always on the lookout for ways to enhance your property while saving money at the same time. One of the most conducive ways to cut down on utility costs is to install a sprinkler system for your commercial property. Sprinkler systems have evolved enormous amounts over the last several years and can now even trigger on when outdoor temperatures hit certain marks! Sprinkler systems provide great benefits to commercial properties including:  Increased water conservation Improved plant health Increased property value Water Conservation Installing a sprinkler system [...]

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Choosing The Right Sump Pump

Before you pull the trigger on any one sump pump in particular, you need to make sure you know what you’re looking for. You should consider the area of your landscaping you need to care for, how much rainfall or water run off your area gets in the average year, and whether or not you're going to want a sump pump that is more or less disguisable.  As with any decision, it’s important to do some research on your own, as well as consult with a professional who deals with these types of installations every day.  Factors to Consider [...]

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How Sump Pumps Are Used For Landscaping

Sump pumps aren’t the most evident choice to include in your landscape plans or to update when you are looking at making some changes. However, they are extremely handy to have in the event of excessive rainfall or periods where large amounts of water has been left to sit on your lawn for too long. Sump pumps will help to protect your landscaping and even your home by forcing water away from these vulnerable areas, to a safe exit point.  Sump pumps are a safe and effective choice when it comes to having an added layer of protection for [...]

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Catch Basin Installation: What You Need To Know

Catch basins aren’t the most glamorous aspect of landscaping plans, but if drainage has been an issue for you in the past, you’ll want to be sure you consider whether a catch basin is the right solution for you! A catch basin is a drainage solution within a landscaping system that contains a grate for water to run through, into a pipe that carries the water away from your home. This system protects not only your home’s foundation from water damage, but also prevents water from pooling up in spots around your lawn and landscaping as well. Catch basins [...]

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What To Know About Winter Lawn Dormancy

With the short, dark days of winter all around, it’s important not to lose sight of the long-term health and beauty of your landscape, and specifically the health of your lawn over the winter. Not much action is evident to the eye, but below the surface, your grass and plants are still storing nutrients and maintaining health throughout the winter months.  Dormant seasons are natural, normal and healthy and provide your lawn a period to take a rest before a big season of fighting off more of that Texas heat! Healthy lawns in the spring start with regular lawn [...]

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