What Is A Nightscape?

You’ve likely spent a lot of time and money on making sure your gardens and landscape are visually appealing as people and cars go by during the day, but what happens to the beauty of your landscape after the sun goes down? More and more often, people are realizing just how much potential their yards have after dusk and beyond. Most nightscapes provide a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy relaxing in after the sun goes down. However, nightscapes can also be used to emphasize holiday decorations, such as Halloween and Christmas lights. Nightscapes are especially enticing coming into the [...]

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Benefits of Hiring Professionals To Install Christmas Lights

With Christmas just around the corner, you probably have thought of a thousand things you need to do before the kids come home for the holidays or before you yourself go on vacation to visit family or friends. So often people assume they’ll have the time and energy, not to mention the skills and tools, to hang Christmas lights in a more creative and visually appealing way than they did the last year. But then Christmas rolls around and you find that once again, you’ve either run out of time to put them up before it gets too cold to [...]

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Professional Tree Care Services In Keller

Tree care might not be at the top of your priority list, but if you want your trees to have a good life and provide shade for as long as possible, you should be aware of different aspects of care necessary for the well-being of your trees. Some of the best things you can do for your trees are: Trimming and pruning Disease treatment and prevention Tree removal and stump grinding As fall and winter approach and vegetation begins to give way to the seasons, now is a great time to make plans to prepare your trees for the coming [...]

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Types Of Gutters In Texas

The best gutter is one that is properly installed and works to reduce the risk of water damage to your foundation and even your landscaping. Gutter installation is an important part of home or building ownership as it can save you thousands of dollars in damage and considerable stress. Proper gutter installation can provide you peace of mind when rain and storms blow through your Texas home. K-Style Gutters K-Style gutters are the most common type of gutter found on modern homes because they are versatile and able to perform well in any setting. One factor that makes [...]

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Do You Need Gutters In Texas?

Perhaps you’ve noticed businesses and maybe even some homes in your area that don’t have gutters on the roof. Some building and homeowners may just think gutters aren’t necessary to keep their building in good repair, but they might not realize just how important gutters are to the well-being of their home or business.  Gutters are especially necessary in and around Fort Worth as heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are a common occurrence throughout the year. With an average of 37 inches of rain per year, homes in the Fort Worth area are desperately in need of gutters to help prevent damage [...]

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What Is Hardscaping?

Landscape brings to mind visuals of lush grass, blooming flowers or hardy succulents, bushes and trees. Hardscapes, on the other hand, refer to non-living, man-made elements utilized in outdoor spaces, such as lighting, pathways or structures. Integrating hardscapes definitely has the ability to bring your landscaping to the next level by providing definition, structure, and functionality to the design area.  Aesthetic possibilities are endless when it comes to your hardscaping. Concrete, stones, lights, and more can bring life and stability to your outdoor space. Often homeowners will even try to design their hardscapes to match certain features of their home to [...]

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How Much Do Concrete Patios Cost In Fort Worth?

Home improvement can be a time of great excitement, but also a time filled with questions. If you’re ready to make updates to your patio or perhaps add a patio to your landscape/hardscape plans, you’ve probably considered how big you’d like it to be, whether you want it to have a few steps going down into your yard, and you’ve almost certainly wondered how much these patio plans will cost.  Concrete patios are a fantastic option for anyone ready to update their landscape without breaking the bank. If you are looking to get a great deal for your money, and your [...]

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Fall Lawn And Landscaping Tips For Texas

If you’re anticipating a busy fall season and wondering how you can best prepare your yard for the coming months, you are doing the right thing by taking the initiative to start planning. While there are plenty of things to do inside your home to make sure you are ready for fall weather in Texas, don’t forget about the care your lawn and landscaping needs as we get into the cooler months. Some of the most helpful tips include:  Plant grass, trees, or any vegetation to grow during winterRake and maintain falling leavesMow the grass appropriately Dethatching Prepare sprinkler systems for winterUtilize Native [...]

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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Landscapers

Here you are in the midst of summer, yet again wondering where the time has gone. You had so many projects to do and back in May you felt like the summer was fully ahead of you and your energy was bottomless. And here you are. Another summer is passing by. Maybe this summer was going to be the summer you finally cleaned out the garage from top to bottom. Perhaps you were thinking of holding that rummage sale to clear some excess clutter from your house.  But if you’re really just thinking that you ran out of time [...]

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Four Ways to Refresh Your Landscape This Summer

You care for and maintain the inside of your home, but what about the outside? If you are ready for a few changes to liven up the look of your Texas landscape, you are in the right place. With professional design and installation available, the options are endless when making decisions on what will best serve the purpose of your outdoor oasis.  A landscape is more than cutting grass and flowering plants, although these basics are a good place to start. Most homeowners find themselves overwhelmed at the thought of a cosmetic change to the appearance of their outdoor [...]

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