Transform your Dallas-Fort Worth garden into a winter wonderland with R & O Landscape Services. Our expertise in the unique North Texas climate means we know exactly which winter plants will flourish in your garden, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Expert-Selected Hardy Plants for North Texas Winters

The DFW area’s winters, with their unpredictable cold snaps mixed with mild weather, demand a special selection of hardy plants. R & O Landscape’s experts recommend:


A R & O Landscape favorite, pansies are not only cold-hardy but also bring a vibrant splash of color to your winter garden. We’ll help you find the perfect spot for these beauties and ensure they’re planted in ideal conditions for a long-lasting bloom.

Best Winter Plants for Your DFW Garden

Winter Honeysuckle

Let us introduce the fragrant winter honeysuckle to your garden, a drought-tolerant shrub that thrives in the DFW climate. With our professional planting and maintenance tips, your garden will be filled with a sweet aroma and an early spring bloom.


Our team at R & O Landscape adores camellias for their spectacular winter flowers. We specialize in finding the perfect soil and shade conditions in your garden to make these evergreens truly stand out.

Thriving Winter Vegetables with Professional Guidance

Our gardening experts are skilled at selecting and planting a variety of winter vegetables that are perfectly suited for the DFW area.

Kale and Collards

These nutritious greens are a must-have in your winter garden. R & O Landscape will ensure your kale and collards are planted in the optimal conditions for a bountiful harvest.

Root Vegetables

Our team can prepare your garden for a successful crop of carrots, turnips, and beets. With R & O Landscape, these root vegetables will become a staple in your winter garden.

Embrace Native Plants with R & O Landscape

Incorporating native plants like Texas sage and evergreen sumac into your garden not only adds beauty but also supports local ecology. R & O Landscape’s experts will help you select and care for these natives, ensuring they thrive in your winter garden.

Comprehensive Winter Plant Care Services

Our full range of services doesn’t just stop at plant selection. We offer:

  • Regular Watering and Maintenance: R & O Landscape’s team ensures your winter garden receives the right amount of care, even in the colder months.
  • Mulching and Frost Protection: Trust us to protect your plants from the cold, ensuring a vibrant garden all season long.
  • Professional Pruning: Our pruning services keep your garden looking its best and promote healthy spring growth.

At R & O Landscape, we believe your garden should be a source of joy and beauty all year round. Our expert team is dedicated to making your winter garden in Dallas-Fort Worth not just survive but thrive.

Let us take the guesswork out of winter gardening. With our knowledge, experience, and passion for landscaping, your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood. Contact R & O Landscape today and let’s start planning your perfect winter garden.