The next 5 weeks are crucial for teeing up a lawn that’s golf course inspired.

Scalp your lawn. “Scalping” is done when the mower blades are lowered to remove more length from the blades of grass than is typically done in a regular mow. This process clears away winter debris & exposes the soil to more sunlight, helping warm the soil to spur new growth in warm season grasses.

Easy Steps for a Golf Course Inspired Lawn

Scalping also helps identify problem areas of a lawn to fill in or level sunken areas. Can you DIY? Sure, but it’s messy job that requires eye protection & a respirator. This process is especially dirty when soils are dried out but its the fastest way to remove ugly broadleafed weeds, henbit (weeds with tiny purple, tubular-shaped flowers) & other lawn interlopers.

R & O Landscape Services recommends scalping your Northwest Tarrant County lawn in the first few weeks of March as the perfect set-up for Phase 2.

Apply pre-emergent granules. R & O Landscape Services knows if you want a premium lawn, you have to use premium materials such as Team, Dimension or Halts to prevent germination of summer weeds. Crabgrass, we’re talking about you!

Ideally, the first application should be right after scalping. Whether you are a new customer or add on services to an existing maintenance contract — all you have to do is water lightly after application. The same treatment (excluding the scalping) should be repeated about 90 days later, in the first of June right before the hot Texas sun starts its daily baking of Tarrant County.

Apply a broadleafed weedkiller spray. Phase 3 is the application of post-emergent herbicides to attack remaining weeds that are still growing. They’re most effective when weeds are less than 4 inches high. If you’re seeing annual bluegrass or other winter grasses in your warm season lawn, unfortunately there is no herbicide on the market that will control these once they are growing. R & O Landscape Services can treat your Fort Worth lawn for grassy weeds in the fall, since that’s when they germinate. If you are planning on new sod or reseeding, R & O Landscape Services does not recommend applying a pre-emergent weedkiller.

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