With the recent glimpses of warm weather, our savvy clients are wondering what to tackle now to start the growing season off right. Here’s our top tips!


Schedule fertilization service for Bermuda & St. Augustine for late February to early March.

We can boost the life of your cool-season annual flowers, like pansies, with a high-nitrogen application.

Lawn not looking so hot right now? Call us to schedule an application of broadleafed weedkiller spray to kill clover, dandelions, & other grassy weeds.


Now is the perfect time to plant trees & shrubs to establish a root system before hot weather moves in.

Brighten up a focal point with fresh, frost-tolerant annuals like larkspurs, pansies, & others.

Have an established plant you’d like to transplant to another location? Call for a consultation to finish this project before buds open.


We recommend holding off on pruning of plants damaged by cold weather, for the most part. Although its tempting to remove unsightly growth, in some cases only leaf damage has occurred. R & O can help you decide when a plant is in need of replacement or just a bit more patience & love to bring it back to health.

Although its common practice in North Texas to cut the tops off of crepe myrtles, R & O does not recommend this approach. Topping crepe myrtles – or any tree – creates lasting damage that ultimately will require replacement prior to the end of its natural lifespan. R & O recommends trimming of any branches that need to be removed entirely, which is a different & much more sustainable approach for the long term.

Rose bushes can safely be pruned back at this time, they need to be cut back by about 50%.

 Late Winter Lawn Care for North Texas