You care for and maintain the inside of your home, but what about the outside? If you are ready for a few changes to liven up the look of your Texas landscape, you are in the right place. With professional design and installation available, the options are endless when making decisions on what will best serve the purpose of your outdoor oasis. 

A landscape is more than cutting grass and flowering plants, although these basics are a good place to start. Most homeowners find themselves overwhelmed at the thought of a cosmetic change to the appearance of their outdoor space. Luckily for you, professional landscaping services are here to meet your needs.

Update Your Patio

Ah, the patio. Could there be a better place to relax in the evening after the heat of the day fades away? To guarantee your patio is fit for backyard evening outings, barbecues with friends, and lazy Sunday afternoons, this is the perfect place to initiate a refresh of your outdoor space. 

Four Ways to Refresh Your Landscape This Summer

Before you dive in, try to visualize what your ideal atmosphere looks like and how it feels. Do you crave bright and cheery accents from colorful plants and patio furniture? Or laid back succulents and outdoor lighting? Your patio could very well become a comforting getaway with a few handy touches from the experts. 

Include a Shady Getaway

While the Texas heat can’t always be contained, it can be greatly reduced by incorporating areas to find refuge from the glaring sun. While there are many options to beat the heat such as outdoor fans and large patio umbrellas, pergolas are one option that provide a more eye-catching appeal.   

A pergola can be customized to your liking and either built as an attachment to your home or freestanding structure. A pergola provides shade year round and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Whether you are relaxing on your own or hosting a group, your new pergola will be a hit year-round and especially this summer as the sun shines down. 

Let the Water Run

Few things are as refreshing on a hot summer’s day as a splash of water. However, if too much water accumulates and is left to sit over time, you may run into problems in the backyard you’ve worked so hard to attain. Luckily there are several options for drainage systems available. 

Incorporating French drains, dry creeks and similar systems can provide a beautiful attraction in your landscaping while also helping solve the problem of water that would otherwise be left to sit. These systems can be beautifully disguised by incorporating stones, rocks and spreading plants along the stretch that the drain runs through. 

Tree Care

A simple, yet effective approach to updating the look of your landscaping is basic maintenance of your trees. While your trees are great for providing shade and adding texture to your landscape, they can easily become overgrown and unsightly. Regular pruning, trimming and reshaping can help your yard appear to be well kept while providing a clean cut look to compliment your space. 

Your New Look is Only a Phone Call Away

If you are craving a fresh new look for the summer season, you will find the experts at R&O Landscaping Services have all of the tools and experience needed to make your dream a reality. Contact us today to start the process for your free quote and you will be well on your way to seeing your vision come to life! Serving the Keller, Southlake and the greater Fort Worth area.