The summer months in Texas can get extremely hot and sometimes downright unbearable. As much as many people would prefer to just stay indoors to avoid the heat, that’s just not feasible. With work, school, and just needing to get outside, many activities become a lot more difficult and limited when the temperature continuously reaches triple digits. Luckily, there are some ways to beat the heat outdoors, particularly at your own home.

Aeromist cooling systems provide evaporative cooling using high pressure water. If you’ve been to a place like Six Flags Over Texas or other amusement park venues, you’ve probably seen their misters. That’s because they know that evaporative cooling can help keep you cooler when the temps soar. But these amazing cooling systems aren’t just limited to major commercial and tourist areas. These types of systems can be installed at your very own home, too! Let’s explore how an Aeromist evaporative cooler can really change your Texas summers.

Stay Cooler During Hot Fort Worth Summer Months

The biggest and most obvious benefit is keeping cool. These cooling systems use evaporative cooling to help lower the temperature in a certain area. Professionally installed systems put tubing around the area designed to be cooled, like on the highest point of walls or the outer edges of the patio. When the system is turned on, a high-pressure system pushes water through the installed tubing, and it comes out of nozzles in the form of mist. This water quickly evaporates, which is the process that lowers the nearby air temperature to something a little more comfortable.

Enjoy Your Backyard Patio During the Heat

Using an evaporative cooling system during the summer makes it much easier to enjoy your beautiful patios and outdoor areas. These cooling systems can be installed virtually anywhere (there are even portable systems available). The ability to keep the area around your back patio much cooler, even during the scorching hot Texas summer months, means that you can get a lot more value from your outdoor spaces.

Have a standalone pavilion or gazebo that is detached from the home? No problem! These incredible Aeromist evaporative coolers can be installed in these locations as well. The hot sun doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your yard or patio, and it certainly doesn’t have to stop you from getting together with friends and family to enjoy the outdoors.

Not Just For People – Keep the Animals Cooler

The hot temperatures don’t stop the need for an animal to have access to the outdoors, but it can certainly make their time outside more problematic. While typically not used for pets at the home, evaporative coolers make a great tool for keeping animals cooler as well. By getting a cooling system installed in your open-air barns, stables, and other outdoor areas where animals are kept, you can keep your livestock cooler, happier, and healthier.

Professional Aeromist Cooling System Installation in DFW

Whether you need a cooling system for your backyard patio, an outdoor eating area for your restaurant, or to keep your animals cooler during the hot Texas summer, R&O Landscape Services has you covered. We are a licensed dealer with professional technicians trained specifically in the installation of Aeromist cooling systems. Give us a call today to discuss your cooling system and start fighting back against the summer heat!