It gets hot in Texas, but that doesn’t mean the fertilization and other lawn care stops during the Summer. In fact, even during the hot months of Summer, fertilization is still vital. Fertilizing your lawn helps it to ensure it maintains a healthy state through the hot, often dry conditions that could otherwise wreak havoc. The needs of your lawn are different during the Summer versus what it might need in the Fall or Spring.

What is So Different About Fertilizer in the Summer?

At its core, fertilization is needed to replenish the nutrients in the soil. When your lawn is fertilized in the Spring or Fall, the focus is typically on the growth of your lawn through the combination of water and fertilization. During the Summer, however, the goal for your lawn care changes. In Texas there can be extremely hot Summers, and the focus for fertilization during the Summer shifts to strengthening your lawn and ensuring it survives the harsh heat.

Summer fertilizer focuses on water retention and resistance to heat. Many fertilizers will also help your grass to focus on growing its roots deeper to help fortify it during the times that water may be sparse. Another concern to address during the Summer is the growth of weeds in your lawn. Weeds have a tendency to thrive during hot temperatures, and as they start to grow in your lawn they start taking water and nutrients away from your grass. Summer fertilizers will help your lawn with weed control to give your grass the best chance.

Your Lawn’s Defense Against Summer Heat

In short, proper fertilization throughout the year is your lawn’s best defense against the Texas Summer heat. Fertilizing only during the Summer or when you “think” your lawn needs it isn’t going to yield very good results. When you fertilize during the other seasons, that affects every season because it help your grass to strengthen and become better able to adapt to weather changes. For example, your Fall fertilization helps to rejuvenate your lawn after the chilly Winter months while also strengthening the roots for water retention. This gives your lawn an extra boost when it comes time to fertilize your lawn during the Summer.

Post-Summer Lawn Fertilization

Here’s what many people may not realize: even if your lawn makes it through Summer looking green, it was a struggle. Not only is the lawn health difficult to maintain and strengthen, but the hot Summers here in Fort Worth can often damage lawns. “Bald spots” can become common to the point where spots in your lawn just become plain dirt, all because of the extreme heat. Fertilizing your lawn after Summer helps in two ways:

  • It gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to recover from the rough battle of Summer heat
  • Help your lawn prepare for the upcoming Winter and give it an advantage when it bounces back in the Spring

Keep in mind that lawn care techniques may differ depending on the type of grass that you have, but are generally the same.

Summer Lawn Care and Fertilization in Fort Worth

Keeping your lawn healthy through hot Texas Summers and other seasons of the year can be an uphill battle for homeowners. You are already busy with work, family, and your social life. Keeping up with fertilization schedules, mowing schedules, and so many other schedules can make things stressful. This is oftentimes when the lawn care starts to be forgotten. Instead of putting off your lawn care, let the professionals handle your entire lawn care schedule. R&O Landscape has decades of experience with proper lawn care, including mowing, proper fertilization treatment, weed and pest control, and so much more. Give us a call today to discuss your lawn needs and keep your yard healthy – without all the extra work!