We may live in Texas, but we still get cold Winters even here in Keller and the surrounding metroplex. These freezing temperatures make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors, particularly the lawns and patios we’ve spent so much time and effort on making spectacular. Or perhaps you have a business with an incredible outdoor sitting area, but cold temperatures make these areas unappealing to sit in. Luckily, there are heating solutions that you can utilize in your outdoor spaces whether at home or at your business. R&O Landscape Services is an authorized representative of Infratech to provide our Keller neighbors and businesses with the best in outdoor heating solutions.

Infratech Heating for Outdoor Areas

Infratech is a leading manufacturer of heating equipment that focuses on outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to shivering on your beautiful back porch or eating at your favorite restaurant outdoors. These heaters provide efficient heating to the surrounding area to ensure warmth and comfort. Plus, Infratech heaters are manufactured right here in the US and are backed by a manufacturer three-year warranty.

Benefits of Outdoor Heating for Homeowners

Outdoor heaters extend the usability of outdoor spaces, allowing homeowners to enjoy their patios, decks, or gardens even during colder seasons. This, in turn, increases the overall living space and can even potentially enhance the property’s value, as potential buyers often appreciate well-appointed outdoor areas.

Outdoor heaters create a cozy ambiance, making outdoor gatherings and social events more comfortable and inviting. They’re also versatile, with various styles and sizes available, ensuring that homeowners can find heaters that match their decor and space requirements. Many modern outdoor heaters are energy-efficient, providing ample heat while consuming relatively little energy, which can lead to cost savings in the long term.

Safety is another crucial benefit, as outdoor heaters come with features like tip-over switches and temperature controls, making them safer than traditional open flames. Additionally, using outdoor heaters can reduce the need for indoor heating during chilly weather, potentially lowering utility bills. Overall, outdoor heaters offer homeowners the opportunity to make the most of their outdoor spaces, enhancing comfort, aesthetics, and property value.

Benefits of Outdoor Heating for Businesses

Outdoor heaters provide businesses like restaurants and small entertainment venues with several valuable advantages. Firstly, they extend the usability of outdoor spaces, allowing businesses to cater to patrons in cooler months and maximize their revenue. This is particularly crucial for restaurants seeking to accommodate diners who prefer open-air seating or those concerned about indoor congestion, especially during health crises.

By creating comfortable outdoor spaces, outdoor heaters enhance the overall customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business. Businesses can also capitalize on expanded seating capacity during busy periods or events, reducing wait times and boosting profitability. The versatile designs of these heaters, which come in various styles, can also complement the outdoor decor, improving the aesthetics and ambiance of the venue.

Additionally, outdoor heating helps businesses comply with local regulations and stay competitive in their market. It can serve as a branding tool, emphasizing the business’s commitment to customer comfort and safety. Outdoor heating reduces indoor crowding during periods when indoor capacity is limited, thereby ensuring adherence to social distancing requirements.

These heaters are cost-effective, thanks to their energy-efficient designs, and can contribute to long-term savings. Their warmth also allows businesses to host events in outdoor spaces throughout the year, diversifying revenue streams. Overall, outdoor heaters are a valuable investment for businesses looking to extend their outdoor operations, enhance the customer experience, and maximize their overall revenue.

Professional Installation of Outdoor Heating Systems in Keller, TX

At R&O Landscape Services, we are dedicated to providing all current and future clients with the best options available to enhance their outdoor spaces. Over the course of time, the landscape has come to include much more than just the grass and trees in your yard, and R&O has kept up with those changes. As an authorized partner of Infratech, we are able to provide the best installation and maintenance services for outdoor heating solutions. Whether it’s for your home or your business, the people of Keller trust R&O Landscape with their outdoor heating needs. Give us a call today to get started and keep enjoying your outdoor spaces during the cold months.