Although bermuda grass is dormant in late winter, your lawn care shouldn’t be! Late winter is critical for maintaining a healthy lawn in the Keller, Southlake, & Colleyville areas.

Here are R & O’s top 5 tips to help get that beautiful, weed-free green turf when temperatures start to rise in a few short weeks.

  1. Scalp the lawn to remove the top layer of yellow-brown, dormant stubble. Our professionals drop our mower blades to remove old growth. This creates an environment to allow the soil to warm more quickly which allows your grass to turn green faster & remove many early-spring weeds. This process can help your lawn turn green weeks ahead of lawns that don’t get scalped.
  2. Apply a broadleafed herbicide & pre-emergent weedkiller to prevent non-grassy weeds, crabgrass, & other warm-season annual grassy weeds. The best application window for herbicide & pre-emergent is about 4 – 6 weeks earlier than the ideal window for fertilizer application. An application provides about 100 days of weed control, so a second “booster” is needed in early summer.
  3. Water your lawn if you want your grass to grow quickly, you’ll need to water deeply.
  4. Check your sprinkler system to be sure it’s accurate & functioning correctly. Our experts can check each head to ensure the spray pattern is normal & aiming in the desired direction. We also identify water sprays that commonly indicate broken pipes or missing heads & troubleshoot areas where soil is constantly wet. Sprinkler systems need regular maintenance to keep lawns & foundations healthy. Ask us about installing a “smart” controller!
  5. Aerate your lawn. Over time, undecomposed organic matter on top of the soil but beneath the runners builds up to create “thatch”. Thatch build up can prevent air, moisture, & nutrients from entering the soil.

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Top 5 Tips for Green Lawns in Keller, Southlake, & Colleyville