R & O's Top 8 Early Spring Lawncare Tips
  1. To prevent crabgrass & grassburs, apply pre-emergent now before weed seeds germinate (“emerge”). Do this ASAP, ideally before mid-late March as germination peaks. Earlier applications generally have best results.
  2. Scalp your lawn to remove winter-killed stubble & common broadleafed weeds, like henbit (scalloped leaves with purple flowers).
  3. Remove winter damage from shrubs, vines & groundcovers to clean them up before new growth starts.
  4. Remove & replace plantings that were killed or damaged beyond repair in the cold North Texas winter.
  5. Prune & reshape spring-flowering shrubs & vines immediately after blooming to correct erratic growth & keep them tidy.
  6. Fertilize flowerbeds, groundcover beds, & lawns with high-nitrogen fertilizer to provide nutrients to fuel the burst of spring growth.
  7. Apply broadleafed weedkiller spray to control non-grassy weeds like clover, dandelions, & chickweed.
  8. Aerate lawns to allow water & fertilizer to penetrate built-up thatch into soil. Read our blog for more information on the aeration process.