French drains are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek out ways to prevent too much water from sitting on their lawns and their landscape. These drains are designed to transport excess water from anywhere around your yard to a place of your choosing. French drains provide a sense of security as they drain water away from your home’s foundation, protecting its structural integrity.

Not only are French drains functional, they are also visually appealing and can add beauty and value to your yard. French drains are shown to have a long lifespan so your investment will last for years to come. Digging a trench is just the first step in installing a French drain, but don’t let the thought of a ditch be a turnoff. When you see what’s possible with a French drain, you’ll wish you’d have one sooner!

How The French Drain Works

To explain how French drains work, you need to understand how they are constructed. First, your contractor will dig a trench heading away from your home and slightly sloping downward. Once the trench is complete, they will place a perforated pipe in the length of the trench and place gravel or rocks over the pipe. The builder will also place a permeable fabric over the pipe to catch debris as water flows down the trench and away from your home. The gravel acts as a sort of sieve to help the process of stopping debris from getting stuck in the pipe, preventing water from traveling freely away from your home.

The purpose of a French drain is to help transport water away from your home in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. Without a drainage system in place, water left to sit on your grass or in your landscape will eventually turn your lawn to mush, ruin your plants, and potentially cause erosion.

The Cost Of French Drain Design And Installation

When it comes to thinking through the cost of a French drain, it’s important to remember that each and every drain will be different. The main component of cost to consider is the size of a drain. How far do you want the drain to reach? Will you have more than one drain in place? These questions will have an effect on how much you will end up paying for your French drain’s installation and materials. If you want to think through how much a French drain may cost you, factor in the associated expenses:

  • How many feet of drain pipe will you need to purchase?
  • Will the contractor have to remove concrete to access the installation site?
  • What is the cost of professional design and installation
  • How much does it cost to pull an installation permit
  • What is the cost of gravel or rock to cover the drain pipe?

Of course, size, length and depth all factor into the final cost you’ll be looking at for French drain installation. While the price might seem like it creeps up easily, remember that the price-tag on a flooded basement will probably be much higher.

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