If you’ve been setting up hoses with sprinklers and dragging them around your yard to get some moisture onto your grass for the last decade, this is your sign to look into having a sprinkler system installed. Not only do sprinkler systems keep your landscape looking fresh, they save you time and money in the long run since you can control when they turn on and off and the strength of the water output.

R&O Landscape Services is the trusted source for installing both commercial and residential sprinkler systems in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our team has years of experience designing and sprinkler systems to meet every need, whether they are for a large office park or a quiet residential home. When you work with R&O Landscape Services, you’ll know you’re getting the best value for your dollar and a product that will hold up over time!

Benefits Of A Professionally Designed Sprinkler System

Up front the price tag for a new sprinkler system can feel hefty, but considering all the hours and effort you put into watering your lawn manually, you will be getting a great deal for your investment. While it is possible to set up a sprinkler system on your own, it is also very risky since there are tons of parts that need to be placed together in a specific way for the irrigation system to work. Looking into a reputable and experienced landscape service is definitely worthwhile if you don’t want to worry about whether or not you did it right on your own, and if you want to avoid a large cost down the road to correct any trouble. Aside from the professional knowledge and touch you’ll get with a professional sprinkler system install, you’ll also save time, money and water over the course of time, while adding value to your property.

If you’re conscientious about how much of your own resources or the Earth’s resources you’re using at any given time, having a sprinkler system installed is a great way to be a good steward of the resources around you.

Sprinkler System Repair You Can Trust

When it comes to repairing something as specific as a sprinkler system with hundreds of small pieces that have to work together to function, you want to be sure you have a crew on the job who is familiar with the work that needs to be done and will be able to do it well. Sprinkler systems might have trouble in one area which can end up affecting the system as a whole. Rather than watch someone with less experience troubleshoot what the issue might be, let R&O Landscape Services get their hands dirty by getting to the bottom of your sprinkler trouble.

Whether you’re dealing with:

  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Valve issues
  • Leaks
  • Malfunctioning controller or timer
  • Weather sensor issues

The professionals at R&O Landscape Services have seen it all and are ready to tackle any issue that might come up. For excellent sprinkler system installation and care, the best step forward is to go with the company that knows the systems inside and out.

Call R&O Landscape Services For Your Sprinkler System Installation

You can’t go wrong with a sprinkler system installation, but you can go wrong with the company you hire to do the install. When it’s time to get the job done, there’s one team to call – R&O Landscape Services. We’ve been in business in Keller, Texas for nearly a decade now and we pride ourselves on providing second to none services and products for our customers. If a sprinkler system is something you’ve been debating about investing in, call us today at 817-944-4592 to set up a free estimate with our team!