Fertilizing and winter weather might not sound like the most likely of combinations, but you might be surprised what benefits come with a touch of winter fertilization. With some prior knowledge and research on best practices for fertilizing in the winter or hiring a professional landscaping company to take care of your fertilizing needs, you’ll soon be on your way to a healthy, strong lawn just in time for the spring growing season! Here are three benefits to fertilizing your grass during the winter: 

  • Helps to maintain nutrient levels in dormant grass
  • Promotes strong root growth 
  • Prepares grass for new spring growth 

Maintaining Nutrient Levels In Dormant Grass

Winter fertilization is extremely beneficial to your lawn as it helps to maintain nutrient levels in grass during dormant periods and prepares it for spring growth. During the cold of winter, grass enters a dormant state, in which it stops actively growing, but still requires a certain level of nutrients to maintain its health. Applying a fertilizer in the winter can provide the grass with all of the nutrients it needs to maintain its health and prepare it for the next growing season. 

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the primary nutrients that grass needs to maintain its health. Nitrogen is responsible for promoting lush green growth, phosphorus helps to strengthen the roots and potassium helps to improve stress tolerance. By providing these primary nutrients to the grass in the winter, they can help to maintain the overall health of your lawn!

Promoting Strong Root Growth

A well-kept secret you might not have heard until now is that fertilizing your lawn over the winter can help promote strong root growth in grass. During the winter, grass enters a dormant state and stops actively growing above ground, but its roots continue to grow. Providing the grass with the necessary nutrients during this time can help promote healthy root development, which in turn promotes more durable, healthy grass. 

Man pushing seeder over lawn

Phosphorus, a key nutrient in fertilizer, promotes root growth by helping to strengthen the root system, making it more resistant to stress and better able to absorb water and nutrients. Fertilizing in the winter encourages deeper root growth, which can help the grass survive drought conditions in the future, which we all know we need living in Texas!

Preparing For Spring Growth 

If you want healthy, lush grass in the spring, you definitely don’t want to skip out on fertilizing at the onset of winter! During the winter, grass enters a dormant state, but still requires a certain level of nutrients to maintain its health and prepare it for the next growing season. By providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs in the winter, you can help your grass to stay in ideal condition for spring. Nitrogen is the ingredient in fertilizer that is the key nutrient for promoting lush green growth. By applying it in the winter, it can help the grass to be ready for active growth when the weather warms up.

Another perk of fertilizing in the winter can boost the overall health of the lawn, preparing it to better be able to ward off pests, diseases, and other potential problems that may rear their heads in the spring.

Local, Trusted Lawn Care In Keller

This time of year is increasingly busy and it’s rarely ideal to make time for fertilizing your lawn. If you’re in need of a locally owned and operated, trustworthy lawn care service to take care of fertilizing, and any other winter lawn care needs, call R&O Landscape Services at 817-944-4592 to request a free estimate on your lawn care needs. We always look forward to serving those in and around our community!