As a fellow Texan, you know all about the inevitable high temperatures that will peak soon enough. Keeping your lawn and garden looking and feeling healthy over the summer in Texas is no small feat! When it comes to caring for plants throughout the summer and making sure they get enough water in the midst of heat waves, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by investing in plants and shrubs that are hardy enough for the Texas climate and tolerant of the high temps. 

Here are 10 of the most heat-resistant plants to incorporate into your Texas landscaping: 

  • Autumn Sage
  • Four Nerve Daisy
  • Liriope
  • Coneflower
  • Texas Lantana
  • Texas Sage
  • Nandina
  • Abelia
  • Barberry 
  • Red Yucca

Autumn Sage

A Texas native, autumn sage is a drought-resistant evergreen shrub that will perform well in any heat stricken conditions. The sage will bloom in colors ranging from red to pink to and even yellow. 

Four Nerve Daisy

The four nerve daisy is a great addition to any Texas landscape and provides a pop of color in late spring and early summer. They grow well in dry, well-drained landscapes and, as an added bonus, thanks to their bright yellow petals, four nerve daisies tend to attract passing butterflies!


If you need an attractive ground cover, liriope is a top choice for Texas homeowners looking to fill in space in their flowerbeds and landscape. With dainty white and purple flowers, this flowering grass is a great addition to flowerbeds and pathways in the hot, Texas climate. 


Coneflowers are the perfect go-to for anyone just starting out with a garden or wanting to add a low-maintenance, heat resistant flower to the mix. These perennials have a high heat and drought tolerance and are easy to maintain year after year.

10 Best Heat Resistant Plants For Texas Landscaping

Texas Lantana

Native to Texas, the lantana plant is extremely heat and drought resistant. Tiny clusters of bright flowers attract birds and butterflies, making your garden an inviting natural space. Lantana does well as a bordering plant or grouped together to fill space.

Texas Sage

As the name suggests, Texas sage is indeed native to Texas and boasts beautiful purple flowers complemented by silvery green foliage. Texas sage requires little to no maintenance and is very heat resistant, making it the perfect choice for any Texas landscape.


Nandina is an evergreen shrub that provides fresh growth all year long. Its drought-tolerant characteristics combined with its year round foliage makes for a great ornamental choice for flower beds and landscaping.


Abelia is a flowering shrub that does well in high heat and thrives in dry climates. It can survive in full sun, but also do well in partial shade. Abelia is often used as a hedge shrub or as a foundational plant, close to your home and as the foundation of your landscape.


Barberry is a drought resistant shrub, often used as a border plant in landscaping. In general, barberry is very easy to care for and requires very little moisture and shade.

Red Yucca

Red yucca is a grass-like plant, noted for its distinct pink-red color and its tall growth. Native to the Chihuahuan Desert, the Red Yucca can withstand high amounts of heat and requires little water, making it a great low-maintenance accent for your home.

Professional Landscape Services In North Texas

The sun and warmth of summer is just around the corner, and with that comes the natural tendency to want to update your landscaping plans for the new season. In Texas, the heat is hard enough to work with to maintain a healthy lawn over the summer, not to mention having to take into consideration an array of plants around your property. If you’re ready to opt for heat resistant plants that will thrive in your Texas yardscape, let R&O Landscape Services help you choose the right heat-resistant plants to serve as staples in your landscaping plans.

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