Spring is on its way and before it gets here, you need to make sure you have a game-plan for how to care for your Texas long in the springtime! There’s always some sort of lawn care that can be done, but just because it can, doesn’t mean it needs to be. You should consider what type of grass your lawn is made up of, what condition it’s in and whether it needs more in-depth care than you can regularly provide. 

As you start to plan for springtime lawn maintenance, here are a few key steps you won’t want to forget to include in your spring cleanup:

  • Remove winter debris
  • Fertilize grass at the appropriate time
  • Maintain a consistent watering schedule
  • Use pre-emergent weed killer

Remove Leftover Winter Debris

Removing debris from your lawn post winter is an important step in preparing the lawn for spring growth. Dead leaves, fallen branches, and other yard waste can smother your grass and create the perfect environment for pests and diseases to thrive. Yard debris should be raked up and removed from the lawn, rather than left to decompose, as it can hinder your lawn’s growth and appearance. Not to mention that removing any of this unsightly debris will keep your lawn looking neat and tidy!

Man using aerator on grass

Fertilize Actively Growing Grass

Fertilize actively growing grass to ensuring that the grass has all the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy growth and appearance. Actively growing grass requires additional nutrients to support its metabolic processes. Fertilizer applications can help address nutrient deficiencies in the soil, which inhibit growth and leave your lawn patchy and unhealthy-looking. You need to make sure you don’t fertilize your grass too early, since if it isn’t in active growth yet, the process and effort will be a waste!

Maintain A Consistent Watering Schedule

Consistent watering is essential if you want to maintain a healthy lawn during the spring season. Watering adequately helps ensure that the grass roots grow deeply, making your lawn more resistant to drought among other stresses. Watering in the early morning allows the water to penetrate deeply into the soil before it evaporates in the sun. Be mindful not to over-water, as over-watering can be just as harmful as under-watering. It’s important to strike the right balance and avoid creating waterlogged conditions if you want your lawn in the best shape possible.

Use Pre-emergent Weed Killer 

To prevent unwanted growth, use a pre-emergent weed killer that will gently take care of weeds before they have a chance to overrun your lawn. By applying it before weed seeds have a chance to germinate, the herbicide can prevent many weeds from even sprouting! This can save time and effort later on, as it is often more difficult to remove weeds once they have already grown. Pre-emergent weed killer can also help improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn or garden by reducing the competition for nutrients and water between weeds and your intended plants. 

Spring Lawn Cleanup In Keller, Southlake And Beyond

Taking care of your lawn to encourage its healthy growth can be a full time job. That’s why at R&O Landscape Services we know how important it is to offer quality lawn care maintenance for our customers so they can relax, knowing their lawns needs are being met to the highest degree of satisfaction. If you need an extra set of hands to make sure your lawn is set up for healthy growing over the next few months, call R&O Landscape Services at 817-944-4592 to see what services we can offer you.