With Christmas just around the corner, you probably have thought of a thousand things you need to do before the kids come home for the holidays or before you yourself go on vacation to visit family or friends. So often people assume they’ll have the time and energy, not to mention the skills and tools, to hang Christmas lights in a more creative and visually appealing way than they did the last year. But then Christmas rolls around and you find that once again, you’ve either run out of time to put them up before it gets too cold to do some easily or some other work, life, or holiday business is vying for your attention.

Thankfully, there are professionals who are well-versed in creativity and have an expansive knowledge of different designs for making sure your home stands apart from any of the other homes in your neighborhood!

Custom Designs

When you seek out a professional’s help and design expertise for hanging Christmas lights, you’ll know that you’re getting a great deal for your money. Not only do you have a crew who has experience hanging lights all over town, but you also have a crew who can produce custom designs and help you figure out what kind of holiday vibe you’d like to give off for the new season. No matter what style of home you have, with a professional light installation team, every year your design can be different! Here are a few things we can offer:

  • One-of-a-kind design and lighting
  • High quality lights to make sure your home shines bright
  • Ladders, lifts and necessary tools
  • Safety measures to protect our employees


With a professional team doing the installation, you’ll get to have your vision for how your holiday lights should look brought to life, and even enhanced, right before your eyes!

Benefits of Hiring Professionals To Install Christmas Lights

Safe Installation

Safety is a major component of hanging lights, as you know if you’ve done it yourself in the past. You have probably been up high on a ladder, on your roof, or in your trees trying to get your lights to look just right. But the risk of a fall and the implications that come along with an injury is too dangerous and is not worth the risk.

Professionals who offer holiday lighting packages have safety gear, proper equipment and most importantly, insurance. If a friend, neighbor or even you yourself were to get hurt while hanging Christmas lights, you would be left with both a large medical bill and a job not done. Trust the professionals to take care of the risky heights and guarantee a holiday aesthetic for all of your neighborhood to enjoy, and leave the risk and potential of a fall at the door.

High Quality And Energy Efficient Products

Particularly if your preference is to have a really eye-catching, festive design when it comes to your Christmas lights, you should consider a professional lighting company to take care of your holiday light installation. The benefit of having a professional service is that the quality of design and the lights themselves is quite a bit higher than if you were to hang your own incandescent lighting.

Professionals often use LED Christmas lights, which use up to 75% less energy than other lights! If you plan to have your Christmas lights up from the week after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve and beyond, you will want to be sure your lights are as energy efficient as possible so they don’t run up your electric bill any more than necessary.

Professional Christmas Lights and Nightscape Installations in Keller

Christmas will be here before you know it! Before you try again to hang your lights on your own, or hire someone without experience or insurance, check out R&O Landscape Services out of Keller, Texas. Our team has years of experience hanging Christmas lights on homes of all shapes and sizes and we are confident that we can help you design a Christmas light spectacular for you and your neighborhood to enjoy! Call us today to get on our calendar for the upcoming season at 817-944-4592.