You’ve likely spent a lot of time and money on making sure your gardens and landscape are visually appealing as people and cars go by during the day, but what happens to the beauty of your landscape after the sun goes down? More and more often, people are realizing just how much potential their yards have after dusk and beyond. Most nightscapes provide a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy relaxing in after the sun goes down. However, nightscapes can also be used to emphasize holiday decorations, such as Halloween and Christmas lights.

Nightscapes are especially enticing coming into the fall and winter months as the sun goes down earlier and we spend more time with dark skies outside. It’s important that your outdoor space is still appealing to be in, even in the dark. Cultivating an enjoyable nightscape is a great way to provide comfort and desirability for your home and a fantastic way to provide space for entertaining guests.

Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting done right can be calming and exciting all at the same time. Subtle light goes a long way when it comes to emphasizing parts of your landscape and gardens that you’d like to stand out. White or lighter colored flowers, especially at night tend to stand out and shine even more than during the day. By incorporating outdoor lighting, you will enhance your overall landscape appearance.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating lights into your landscape that will make your yard a beautiful sight in your neighborhood: 

  • Targeted lighting to plants
  • Lighting along pathways, sidewalks and driveways
  • Lighting directed at your home
  • Pool or outdoor bar area lighting 
What Is A Nightscape?

Brightening up outdoor spaces for night-time use or aesthetic appeal is a great way to increase your own enjoyment of your home, as well as its curb-appeal.

Common Nightscapes: Halloween

The holidays are a fantastic time to test out some lighting approaches and add a glimmer of pomp to your home. Halloween in particular is one time during the year that you can get away with having colored lights shooting out around your house, shifting shapes shining on your home’s exterior or even spooky Jack-O-Lanterns hanging around to light up your porch. Halloween nightscapes are a fun and festive way to light up your neighborhood and give the kids and families around you an added layer of fun when it’s time for trick-or-treating!

Common Nightscapes: Christmas Lights

After Halloween passes, Christmas is usually the next holiday that folks look forward to for lighting up the outside of their home. After all, there are few things as cozy and inviting as a beautifully lit home when Christmas rolls around. Lighting up bushes and shrubs in front of your home can add structure and sparkle to your home’s appearance, as well as compliment any lights strung on your home’s exterior or around trees in your yard.

Another fun aspect of Christmas nightscapes is that you can add lights to compliment any Christmas decorations you have in your yard or in your home that are visible from the street. Shining accent lights to your Christmas tree in the window or emphasizing a star or other decoration on your home is always a fun way to round out your Christmas nightscape.

Nightscape Design And Installation In Keller, TX

There is never a better time to start thinking about how a nightscape could enhance your home’s appeal, especially with the holidays right around the corner! If you are interested in exterior lighting, but aren’t sure where to start or what will best compliment your home, call R&O Landscape Services at 817-944-4592 to talk to a lighting design expert. Our top priority is to give you an outdoor space that you love to spend time in. Don’t sit on your desire for outdoor lighting any longer, give us a call today for a free quote!