Catch basins aren’t the most glamorous aspect of landscaping plans, but if drainage has been an issue for you in the past, you’ll want to be sure you consider whether a catch basin is the right solution for you!

A catch basin is a drainage solution within a landscaping system that contains a grate for water to run through, into a pipe that carries the water away from your home. This system protects not only your home’s foundation from water damage, but also prevents water from pooling up in spots around your lawn and landscaping as well. Catch basins are fairly common among homeowners, especially those who want to have a plan in place for what will happen if excess rain falls. They are a simple design, but their impact is enormous!

Planning The Installation

Advanced planning is a must for a successful catch basin installation. The first step is to identify the location where the catch basin will be installed, as well as determining the size and type of catch basin that will meet your needs. This will depend on the amount of water that needs to be drained, as well as the geography of the surrounding area. If your lawn has a slight slope or and low points where water is likely to gather, this needs to be taken into consideration when planning where the basin will be placed. 

Catch basin surrounded by green grass

It is also important to obtain any necessary permits from your local government before beginning the installation process. Permits for excavation and for any changes to the drainage system are common, but your city’s website should be able to provide more information.

Preparing The Site For Installation

Properly preparing your yard for a catch basin installation is important for ensuring a smooth and successful process. The process is best carried out by a professional who has experience in determining the best layout and approach to making sure your catch basin is as effective as possible. This is a brief overview of the steps a professional landscaping company will take when it’s time for the installation: 

  • Excavate the area where the catch basin will be installed
  • Dig a hole that is slightly larger than the catch basin itself
  • Install drainage tiles around the hole to direct. 
  • Back-fill and compact the soil around the basin
  • Make sure that the surrounding area is properly graded 

The main thing to keep in mind is that the goal of a drainage system such as this is to remove water from your lawn so it doesn’t sit too long and cause issues like rot or in extreme cases, kills your grass. In some cases, it might be necessary to install additional drainage pipes to carry water away from the catch basin to a location further away. 

Installing The Catch Basin

Installing the catch basin itself is a relatively simple part of the process. Once the hole has been excavated and the drainage tiles have been installed, the catch basin is then placed in the hole. It is important to make sure that the catch basin is level and that it is properly aligned with the drainage tiles. The catch basin should be secured in place with a bed of gravel or concrete, and should then be connected to the drainage pipes that will carry the water away from the site. Once these steps are taken, a final inspection is the last step before thanking your landscaping team for their great work!

Catch Basin Installation In Keller

Even though there are still a few winter months ahead, it’s not too early to begin planning for your spring and summer projects. R&O Landscaping out of Keller, Texas is proud to offer expertly placed catch basins for any lawn set up and we would love to hear what your needs are and talk to you about how we can help you meet them. Call R&O today at 817-944-4592 to request your free catch basin installation quote!