Perhaps you’ve noticed businesses and maybe even some homes in your area that don’t have gutters on the roof. Some building and homeowners may just think gutters aren’t necessary to keep their building in good repair, but they might not realize just how important gutters are to the well-being of their home or business. 


Gutters are especially necessary in and around Fort Worth as heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are a common occurrence throughout the year. With an average of 37 inches of rain per year, homes in the Fort Worth area are desperately in need of gutters to help prevent damage to your roof, flooding in your basement and foundation damage to your home. Here are just a few ways that gutters protect your home: 


  • Draining water away from your home’s foundation
  • Diverting water to the lawn or other area
  • Preventing damage to your roof

How Water Drains Off Your Roof

When a heavy rainstorm blows through your Texas neighborhood, it isn’t uncommon for the rain to fall in torrential downpours. Without gutters, water is left to run straight down the siding of your home to settle by your foundation.

With a gutter system fully intact, water from rain, melting snow and thunderstorms is directed down the roof, into the gutters and away from your home. Gutters protect both the exterior of your home and its foundation by diverting water to a safe distance away. Keeping gutters in good repair is important to their proper functioning. If gutters are badly damaged or clogged with leaves and other debris, the system won’t function properly, still resulting in water buildup next to your home’s foundation.

Do You Need Gutters In Texas

Gutters Help Prevent Foundation Damage

When a heavy rainstorm blows through your Texas neighborhood, it isn’t uncommon for the rain to fall in torrential downpours. If your home doesn’t have gutters, the fallen water from rain won’t have a drainage system to run through and will accumulate next to the siding and foundation of your home. Too much water left to sit for too long can seep its way into your basement, rendering your foundation at risk for issues such as cracking, leaking and needing to be replaced. It can even force your basement walls to bow inward and erode. 

With a proper gutter system in place, water that would otherwise pool up around the siding of your home and along your home’s foundation will be channeled away to another drainage system a safe distance away from your home. 

Gutters Help Prevent Water Damage To The Roof

 If your home doesn’t have gutters, water is likely to sit on your roof, potentially causing mold and mildew growth, leaking into your attic or crawlspace, and pooling water for mosquitos and other pests to breed in. Water damage on your roof can easily go unnoticed and cause problems that you may not discover until long after the damage has set in. Once your roof or your attic is affected by water, it will be too late to take any preventative measures.


Water drains off the roof most effectively when a gutter system is utilized. Gutters work by providing a pathway for water to drain off of your roof and away from your home. Gutters are a simple and effective way to prevent water damage from affecting your home and your roof. When a shower or rainstorm comes through, it may not seem like a large amount of water to contend with, but you would be surprised how quickly water builds up, even over the course of an hour long storm. 

Professional Gutter Installation In Fort Worth

If you have been debating whether gutters are truly necessary for your home, don’t wait any longer to contact a professional installation business. R&O Landscape Services has been installing and cleaning gutters in the Keller, TX area for several years and our team is ready to help discuss your gutter needs. Call us today at 817-944-4592 to request your free estimate for gutter installation.