The best gutter is one that is properly installed and works to reduce the risk of water damage to your foundation and even your landscaping. Gutter installation is an important part of home or building ownership as it can save you thousands of dollars in damage and considerable stress. Proper gutter installation can provide you peace of mind when rain and storms blow through your Texas home. 

K-Style Gutters

K-Style gutters are the most common type of gutter found on modern homes because they are versatile and able to perform well in any setting. One factor that makes K-Style gutters so popular is that they can be modeled to compliment the look of your home by matching colors and incorporating the shape of your home into their design. Some of the benefits of K-Style gutters are: 


  • Most affordable gutter option
  • Durability as compared to Half-Round gutters
  • Easy Installation
  • Performance over time
Types Of Gutters In Texas

K-Style gutters are a dependable,stylish option if you want to guarantee that water is directed away from your home. Installing K-Style gutters flat against the walls of your home is imperative to ensure that water doesn’t sneak through any cracks, being left to damage your home’s siding and foundation. 


Cons of the K-Style gutters are that they are prone to clogging more easily than their counterparts and may require more regular maintenance to keep in working order. Because of their design, there is also the possibility that water may be left to stand for periods of time, causing rust and corrosion. 

Half-Round Gutters

Half-Round gutters are similar to K-Style gutters, but are used most often on older homes. As their name suggests, these gutters look like the bottom half of a circular pipe, whose top half is left open to catch water. These gutters are always installed along the roof edge of a home and are held on with brackets. Half-Round gutters are most commonly made from copper, which makes them very heavy, but may also be made from aluminum, vinyl or galvanized steel. 


These gutters have smooth insides which do provide a few advantages. For one, water doesn’t have anywhere to stand still inside Half-Round gutters, as it is forced to travel downward. This is beneficial because it means that your Half-Round gutters don’t run the same risk of rusting, corrosion or clogging that K-Style or other gutters might. 


The downside to using Half-Round gutters is that they are more expensive than other gutter options, more time-consuming to install, and less durable than K-Style gutters. If you are in an area that gets heavy amounts of rain throughout the year, Half-Round gutters may not be as capable at handling as much water as other options.  

Box Gutters

While not quite as popular as K-Style or Half-Round gutters, Box Style gutters are an oversized gutter that are mainly used on industrial and commercial buildings. They can easily handle large amounts of rain, which is why they are primarily used on larger buildings. The bigger your building, the more water will need to be drained off of the roof.


Box gutters must either be installed when a building is in the process of being built or if you are re-doing a roof on an already existing building. These gutters are not hung like K-Style or Half-Round gutters, rather they have a higher back section that gets installed under the shingles of a roof. 

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