Preparing your lawn for winter requires some work, but the results you’ll see in the spring are well worth any effort you put in ahead of time. If raking and fertilizing your lawn in the fall are the frontlines of lawn care, then making sure you have a proper drainage system in place to rid your lawn of excess water over the winter covers the behind the scenes work. 

Having a dependable drainage system can be the difference between a healthy, vibrant lawn in the Spring time or a sloshy, mucky mess. Here are a few reasons why having a drainage system in place to deal with water is important: 

  • Prevents waterlogged soil and damage
  • Protects the health of your lawn 
  • Reduces the damage potential of frozen water

Preventing Waterlogged Soil

Preventing waterlogged soil has several benefits when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn. Waterlogged soil can cause grass roots to suffocate, leading to the death of the grass, as well as encourage the growth of weeds and pests. Of course in Texas we are prone to go through dry spells, and it might be tempting to over-water your lawn in order to make up for a lack of moisture. But remember, any water you put on your lawn must find its way into the soil, or away from the soil so having a good drainage system in place becomes a must.

Proper drainage systems such as a French drain, drainage channels, or catch basins can help prevent the occurrence of waterlogged soil by allowing excess water to flow away from the lawn. 

A proper gradient slope of the lawn will also ensure that fallen water runs away from your house and the threat of being left to sit on your lawn. 

Protecting The Health Of The Lawn

Protecting the health of your lawn over the winter is important to ensure that it is ready to thrive in the spring. One way to protect the health of your lawn over winter is to properly prepare it before the cold weather arrives. Fertilizing, raking leaves, and repairing any damaged areas of the lawn are the best practices to begin with to get your lawn into the best shape possible. 

Clearing snow and ice, when they show up, is also a must if you want to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. If this year is particularly dry, providing the lawn with a deep watering every few weeks will help prevent drought stress. 

Reducing The Risk Of Damage From Frozen Water

Frozen water is always a threat to the health of your lawn and landscape. When water freezes, its expansion can cause damage to plants, trees, and other structures. To mitigate the risk of damage from frozen water, it is important to make sure that your lawn and landscape are properly drained. 

This can be achieved through grading the lawn to ensure that it slopes away from the house and other structures, or by installing drainage tiles or drainage systems to carry excess water away from the lawn. Avoid over watering the lawn and landscape to help prevent unneeded excess water from freezing and causing damage. If you have plants and small trees outside over the winter, you can protect them from extreme cold by covering them or providing additional insulation to reduce the risk of damage from frozen water.

Professional Drainage Services In Keller, Texas

With rainfall and the potential of snow on the horizon, it’s never too early to make sure you know how you’ll handle any excess water you experience this winter. Whether you need to check the grading of your lawn to determine if it slopes enough to carry water away from your home and lawn, or if you’re interested in learning about how French drains work to handle excess water, R&O Landscape Services out of Keller, Texas are the folks you want on your side. Our team of professionals is ready and willing to help you get your lawn in shape for any winter water issues that come your way. Give us a call today at 817-944-4592 to request a free estimate!