Lawn care in the winter is less tedious than the amount of work required during the hot summer months, but that doesn’t mean that care should go by the wayside altogether. Maintaining your lawn over the winter will provide you a lush, healthy lawn when Spring rolls back around and you’ll be glad for the effort you put into it. A few best practices for caring for your lawn include: 

  • Clearing snow and ice
  • Preventing winter weeds
  • Providing water to your lawn

Even in the winter, a little bit of lawn care goes a long way!  Here is a quick overview of habits to perform diligently to get started.

Clearing Snow And Ice

During the winter months in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it is important to keep snow and ice off of your lawn as well as you can. Too much moisture left on your lawn for too long can prevent air from getting to your grass, essentially suffocating it and causing the soil underneath to freeze. If the soil freezes the grass may die as a result of the cells in the roots of the grass bursting due to the cold. 

Snow can be removed using a snow shovel or snow blower, while ice can be melted using a mixture of salt and water. Be sure to take care when removing snow and ice, as rough treatment can damage the grass, potentially leaving you worse off than before. 

Preventing Winter Weeds

Winter weeds can be a problem for North Texas lawns, as they can emerge when the grass is dormant. Weeds aren’t just a problem for summertime, as you’ll quickly find when you care for a lawn. Whether pesky clover or common chickweed are the culprits, you surely don’t want to have an overgrowth of any sort of weed come spring time that could have been dealt with in the winter.

To prevent winter weeds, it is important to keep the lawn clear of leaves and other debris, as these can provide a breeding ground for weeds. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the fall can also help prevent winter weeds from taking root and spreading rampantly. Post-emergent treatments stop weeds in their tracks that have already emerged in the ground and are visible. Both routes are usually effective at preventing weed growth when performed properly. 

Providing Water To Your Lawn During Drought

As a Texas resident, you are no stranger to drought and you know that it can be a problem year round, not just in the hot summer months. It’s a common problem in North Texas, and it can be especially damaging to lawns during the winter when the grass is dormant, particularly if the lawn isn’t receiving any moisture. 

To prevent damage from a drought, you need to provide your lawn with enough water during dry spells. Water deeply and less frequently to encourage deep root growth and drought tolerance. Keep in mind that your specific area may issue local watering restrictions, and be sure to follow any applicable guidelines when watering your lawn.

Contact Your Keller Professional Lawn Care Team

Winter weather will be here any day now and if you aren’t prepared to care for your lawn to preserve it through the coming cold months, you should make sure you have a reputable lawn care service lined up to give you a hand. R&O Landscape Services located in Keller, Texas serves Keller residents and the surrounding areas by providing excellent winter lawn care to any lawn. Call R&O Landscape today at 817-944-4592 to ask for a free estimate!