Does your property feature a grade or slope that catches excess rainwater runoff from adjacent properties? This frequently causes a number of issues ranging from erosion and ponding to creating a breeding ground for mosquito-borne illnesses.

While French drains could have been one option, we recently collaborated with this homeowner in Keller, TX to design and construct a dry creek bed. Our North Texas torrential downpours would send water streaming through their back yard, resulting in standing water or overall dampness. During our design consultation, we recommended they utilize the existing natural “riverbed” to their advantage.

The illusion of a once bubbling stream replaces a frequently unmowable grassy area and eliminates a source of mosquito-borne illnesses or muddy paw prints.

Although this particular dry creek bed in Keller, TX was constructed to alleviate drainage problems we have installed them for homeowners who simply enjoy the way they look.

In addition to the hardscape installation, we can dress up the edging with plantings such as tall ornamental grasses and perennials to boost that natural feeling, soften the transitional area, and as additional erosion control aids.

Dry Creek Beds for Landscape

Here are some tips for plant selection to enhance your dry creek bed:

Soil conditions may not be consistent throughout the length of the dry creek bed. Consider that multiple sets of growing conditions could require different plant types.

If the creek bed will have standing moisture regularly, plants that will thrive in wet soil will be more successful long-term.

Sunlight is also a factor, just as in any landscaping project. We recommend full-sun plants in areas that receive sunlight all day and partial shade/shade plants where trees cast shadows.

Wooden bridges can be added to further enhance beauty and texture or provide physical access to a bisected area.

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