If you’re anticipating a busy fall season and wondering how you can best prepare your yard for the coming months, you are doing the right thing by taking the initiative to start planning. While there are plenty of things to do inside your home to make sure you are ready for fall weather in Texas, don’t forget about the care your lawn and landscaping needs as we get into the cooler months. Some of the most helpful tips include: 


  • Plant grass, trees, or any vegetation to grow during winter
  • Rake and maintain falling leaves
  • Mow the grass appropriately 
  • Dethatching 
  • Prepare sprinkler systems for winter

Utilize Native Plants

If you plan on adding any large trees, shrubs or even wildflowers, fall is a great time to begin putting together the plants you would like to see thriving in your yard when Spring comes. One of the best and easiest ways to beautify your landscape in the coming fall months is to thoughtfully utilize the plants that are local to the area in which you live. Verbena, hibiscus and even pecan trees are excellent local choices that would fare well in the Fort Worth area.

Fall Lawn And Landscaping Tips For Texas

Regardless of what kind of plants you use, the best approach is to look for plants that are native to Texas since they will be more likely to withstand high heat and temperatures and may be more hardy than other plants you might be interested in and more able to stand up against pests and disease. 

Control The Leaves

If you live in an area ripe with leaf bearing trees, your future self will thank you for consistent gutter cleaning and leaf removal. If leaves are left to sit on your lawn for too long, they may suffocate your grass and prevent your lawn from getting the benefit of any rainfall or sunshine that it needs. Ideally you should rake your leaves at least once a week to allow sunlight and moisture to nourish the grass and plants underneath. 

Fall Time Lawn Maintenance

While the visual appeal of your lawn is what everyone will notice, it’s really the behind the scenes work that makes everything come together. It’s important not to stop watering your lawn when the weather cools down. Winter weather doesn’t truly begin until November and your lawn still benefits from being watered regularly. 


Another important practice is to determine if your lawn needs dethatching. If you’ve never heard the term ‘dethatching’ now is a great time to get familiar with what it means. Dethatching refers to removing a layer of dead grass, twigs, and leaves that build up between the grass in your lawn and the soil and eventually begins to decompose. Removing this thatch will allow your grass to grow more evenly and receive water. 


Aerating your lawn is also a great fall project, particularly if your lawn is one that endures a lot of foot traffic or weight from equipment or vehicles. Soil that becomes compacted affects how well your grass’s roots will absorb nutrients and impact how your grass will grow. 

Preparing Your Yard For Winter

While most of the rest of the country have to blow out their sprinkler systems before winter, Texans in Fort Worth and surrounding areas don’t need to take this extra step since the temperature doesn’t fall low enough to affect piping underground. To winterize your sprinkler system, you should first make sure your system is off and that the sprinklers are disconnected from the water supply. Make sure faucets and any system components above ground are shielded from frost. 


To protect your flowers, shrubs and other growing plants, prune them in the fall before the temperatures drop. Pruned plants are more likely to survive winter temperatures and return in the spring than plants who are left to wither away. After pruning, the best approach to preparing flower beds for winter is to get rid of all weeds, dead plants and any debris. If you have access to compost, adding a layer to the beds will encourage regrowth. Finally, a layer of mulch will help insulate your plants roots through the cool winter months and preserve the plants for the coming spring.  

Year-Round Professional Lawn Care And Landscaping In Fort Worth

If you’ve never taken the time to prepare your lawn and landscaping for the fall and winter months, you’ll be glad you decided to when you see your yard come back to life in the spring. At R&O Landscape Services, we know your time is important to you. Call us today for a consultation and leave the maintenance to our team of experts! We look forward to serving you in the Keller, Southlake and Fort Worth areas.