Land leveling and grading are important steps in preparing a site for landscaping. The process involves reshaping the land to create a level surface, proper drainage, and adequate soil stability. By removing or redistributing excess soil and smoothing out bumps and depressions, land leveling and grading ensures a safe and stable surface for updating your landscape, planting, or other activities.

Signs That Land Needs Leveling And Grading

Until you realize that your land might need some extra TLC, you may not even notice that your property could benefit from leveling and grading. Leveling and grading help enhance the appearance of your property by providing a smooth, even surface around your landscape.

Here are five signs to consider to determine if you should pursue leveling and grading around your property:

  • Standing water after rainfall
  • Uneven ground
  • Difficulty mowing or walking on the ground
  • Poor drainage
  • Erosion issues

Leveling And Grading Process

After evaluating your property to see if you think you would benefit from investing in leveling and grading, you should contact a local landscaping service to schedule an Initial consultation and evaluation of your property. Professional landscapers will be able to talk to you about what the leveling and grading process entails, discuss pros and cons of the process and give you insight as to how leveling and grading can add value to your property.

Land Leveling And Grading To Prepare For Spring Landscaping

Once you decide to go forward, the landscaping team will start by clearing and removing any debris or vegetation from the area that needs to be leveled. Next they’ll use heavy equipment such as backhoes or wheel-loaders to grade the land and perform fine grading and leveling by hand or with smaller equipment. If your property would benefit from drainage solutions, professional landscaping companies can also offer solutions that will keep your landscape from succumbing to bumps and divots in the future.

Benefits Of Proper Leveling And Grading

If beautiful flowers, trees and plants are the visual appeal that brings your property together, then leveling and grading is the physical makeup that makes the appearance possible. More even and level ground for landscaping projects means more area to worth with to achieve a desired look.

Proper grading can also prevent erosion and water damage by directing surface water away from structures and low-lying areas. This aids in improved drainage and erosion control, as well as diverting possible damage due to excessive rainfall. If you want to make sure water is evenly distributed for irrigation, achieving that goal is more easily managed with surfaces that have been graded and leveled.

Potential Challenges And Considerations

As with any big project that requires physical labor and special machinery and tools, you have to consider the cost and time involved in the process. The larger the area of property that you want to have leveled and graded, the more expensive the project will be.

Depending on the layout of your property, there is the potential that leveling and grading may have an impact on nearby properties or structures. You should have a professional landscaping team come out to inspect your property to address any potential issues before beginning the process.

Land Leveling And Grading In Greater Fort Worth

Leveling and grading is no small project to undergo, but it is extremely important to understand how it will help if you’re thinking about starting a landscaping project. For a job that holds so much stake and can make or break your landscaping plans, you need the area’s experts on the job. R&O Landscape Services, located in Keller, Texas and serving the surrounding areas, offers high quality leveling and grading services to homeowners and business-owners ready to upgrade the appearance of their property. Call R&O Landscape Services today at 817-944-4592 to request a free quote for your leveling and grading project!