Spring has sprung and with the emergence of new buds and new growth around your property comes the yard work that feels like it never ends. As soon as one season passes, another season comes around with its own to-do list to make sure your lawn and landscaping stay looking great year-round. The spring season is an especially important time of year to make sure you don’t get behind on preparing for the growing season ahead.

As you ready your landscape for the coming summer months, here are 5 practices you want to make sure are on your spring lawn care cleanup checklist:

  • Check irrigation system
  • Prepare flower beds and lawn for planting
  • Plant your flowers and grass seed
  • Weed control
  • Prune shrubs and decorative trees

Check Irrigation System

For as high as the temperatures in Texas climb in the summer months, you want to check that your irrigation system is in good repair. Cracks, leaks and broken spray heads will cause issues not only with the water supply getting to your lawn and plants, but the issue itself may worsen overtime if it’s not dealt with before your irrigation system is used regularly again.

Prepare Areas For Planting

If you are going to break ground on a new flower bed, first prepare the area using a tiller to break up the ground. Any grass already growing in that area will need to be gotten rid of via a smothering method so it doesn’t interfere with the growth of the new plants. Laying a layer of landscaping fabric over the new planting ground will help deter weeds and unwanted grasses from popping up unannounced. 

Spring Lawn Care Cleanup For North Texas

To start the planting process in an already established bed, remove any debris or dead plants and weeds that you didn’t remove last fall, as well as adding in some compost. Compost is a great way to add organic fertilizing agents to your lawn, without the risk of any chemicals that might affect your plants.

Plant Flower Beds And Lawns

Planting flowers and grass may be time consuming, but the end result is definitely something to be proud of! There’s no better time than early spring to update your plants you have around your home and bring them to life. If you need to update some plants that have seen their better days, or you just want to enhance your home’s outside appearance with a new look, there are many types of plants and flowers you can choose from that will do well in the north Texas climate. Contact a landscape professional to find out exactly which plants will do well at your home.

Control Weeds

Once weeds show up, they are often very hard to convince to go away. Not only does it take time, but these weeds usually require chemicals to rid them once and for all. For flower beds, mulch and landscape fabric effectively prevent weed growth, but for lawns, you need to use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent unwanted growth.

Pruning Shrubs

Pruning shrubs not only makes for a great appearance, but also encourages new life to emerge. Removing dead parts of shrubs or trees provides opportunity for new growth, and better overall health. When pruning, take off dead branches and wood damaged by winterkill, being careful not to trim off live branches along with them.

Spring Cleanup For Lawns In Keller, TX And Surrounding Areas

Spring brings life back to plants and lawns as temperatures rise and the growing season begins again. If you need a thorough once-over to prepare your flower beds and lawn for the summer ahead, contact R&O Landscape Services based in Keller, Texas, and serving the surrounding areas for your yard care needs. Our team of professional landscapers look forward to helping your property look its best. Call us today at 817-944-4592 for a free quote.