As a Texan, you know that many summer days are almost too hot to enjoy, that winter weather can often be questionable and that spring and fall are usually the best times to be outside. But just because the best time of year to hang outside doesn’t last year-round, doesn’t mean that you should let your lawn-care go on the back burner the other several months of the year.

From aeration to fertilization to weed–killing, there is always yard work to be done. Unfortunately there are certain times of year that some yard work should be done and it shouldn’t be left until the next season. That’s why it’s important to find a professional landscaping service who has the tools and the know-how to meet your lawn’s needs year-round.

Fall Lawn Care and Maintenance

In the fall, your lawn and plants are preparing for a dormant winter season. This is the best time to fertilize your yard to prepare it for new growth in the spring. Most root growth occurs in cool-season grasses over the winter, so after fertilization your lawn will hang onto the nutrients it needs to make it through the cold months ahead.

If you need to replant your lawn or just attend to a few spots where the grass has worn thin, fall is the time to do so. Break up your soil with a trowel or spade, add in compost and spread your grass seed over the soil. Once you’ve worked it in with a rake, putting a layer of straw over it to top it will provide protection as your new grass begins to grow. Water it gently everyday until your grass is at least an inch tall.

If you haven’t done the last mow of the season already, it’s also a good idea to drop the blade on your mower 1-2 inches lower than you had it during the summer months. This helps prevent fallen leaves from getting matted into your grass, which could inhibit future growth.

Getting Your Yard Ready For The Year In Spring

Spring is often the busiest time of year for lawn care, with your lawn coming out of its dormant winter state and preparing for the summer ahead. Before you start any yard maintenance, make sure you’ve raked up all the dead leaves, grass and debris so you are starting with a clean slate. If you want to thoroughly care for your lawn, here are a few steps you need to make sure you plan time for:

  • Aeration –  poking holes in your lawn to allow for air flow and preventing soil compaction
  • Dethatch – use a dethatching rake to pull up decomposing organic matter over ½ inch thick
  • Fertilize – Spring is your cool grasses’ most active period of growth so you want to give it a kick-start with as many nutrients as possible
Beautiful green lawn with professionally trimmed hedges and flower beds.

Making sure your lawnmower is in good shape and ready to run for the months ahead is also an important part of spring lawn care. A broken down lawn mower on a hot June day when you’re ready to go mow can be so frustrating. Avoid this mishap by checking your mower in the Spring before you have to start using it regularly.

Maintain Healthy Landscapes During The Summer

Summer lawn care calls for a high cut setting on the lawn mower and weed control. Keeping your grass a little longer allows for a more lush looking lawn, as well as a thickness that can stand up to higher levels of foot traffic. This is also a time when you should be on the lookout for any pests such as gophers or moles and smaller insects who make their home in your grass and kill your grass roots along the way.

Hire R&O Landscaping For All Lawn Care Needs In Keller, TX

You work hard all year to make sure the inside of your home stays in at least decent shape, so why let the outside of your home take a toll? Year round lawn care is essential to a healthy, beautiful lawn, especially when it’s up against the Texas heat. R&O Landscape Services is a professional business, committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service and praiseworthy outcomes. Give us a call today at 817-944-4592 for a free quote on your lawn care needs today. We look forward to serving you!