Many homeowners are looking for solutions to their “problem” areas – places that just don’t look appealing or space that is underutilized. Raised flower beds, like these we built for a homeowner in Keller, transform a narrow strip that was previously awkward to mow into an eye-catching special feature.

Nestled between the driveway and fence line, the raised height allows for views of seasonal flowers & other plants. This particular homeowner installed a series of 3 wooden raised beds that we customized with irrigation. Filled with the proper soil mix, they can use some or all of the beds for homegrown, organic vegetables without straining their back or battling the heat, humidity, or bugs to water the plants. Their wooden surface adds texture & variety to their landscaping design.

Raised flower beds are ideal in North Texas since the elevation provides for proper drainage, allowing the homeowner to control the soil moisture, texture, and amendments. Since you have control over the soil mix of compost, mulch, and other ingredients the resulting light soil increases the amount of water and air available to the plant root structures. So although these beds seem to offer a tiny space, you can actually plant more densely in a raised flower bed than in traditional, compacted lawn soil.

You also get a longer growing season, since raised flower beds warm up more quickly in warm later winter or early spring days. All of this results in stunning, healthy plants.

Raised Flowerbed Keller TX

Here are our recommendations for this type of project:

  • Wood construction is a popular choice since it is relatively inexpensive & offers a more natural look than stone or corrugated metal.
  • For most plants & vegetables, raised beds should be located in areas that receives at least 8 hours of full sun daily.
  • Irrigation is an optional feature, and offers a cost-savings when it is not part of the project plans. But consider how access to a hose or other irrigation will be provided.
  • The site should be generally flat to ensure proper drainage, and the design shouldn’t exceed 4 feet in width so you can easily reach plants for maintenance. The height can vary a bit more, even a small rise such as 6-8 inches will offer warmer, less compacted soil.
  • Notice in this example we’ve replaced the grass under & surrounding the raised beds with pea gravel. This is to prevent weeds or grass from growing up into the flower beds. Tilling the areas before adding any soil is recommended, as is applying a wire mesh as a barrier to prevent pests from digging up underneath to access tasty snacks.

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