When it comes to outdoor entertainment and enjoyment at the home, the concrete patio is definitely in the run for being king. The concrete patio is versatile with nearly endless ways to design and construct them. They can be large or small, and you don’t necessarily have to stop at just a patio. You can take it one step further and include something like a pergola.

For some people, hearing “concrete” may make them think of something basic and not very high quality. The truth is that concrete patios are so versatile with materials that they can be turned into a beautiful area for entertainment or relaxation.

How Much Does A Concrete Patio Cost?

There are a few important key components when determining the cost of your concrete patio. The first of these components is whether or not you are going to do it yourself or hire a professional concrete patio builder. If you’re an amateur builder, then doing it yourself could end up being costly from mistakes or an improper build.

Instead, hire a concrete patio builder like R&O Landscape Services that has decades of experience building concrete patios. The next obvious key component is the size. It’s pretty simple: the larger the patio square footage, the higher the cost. The average concrete patio is 300 square feet, give or take 20 feet.

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Next we look at what is going to make up the concrete patio. Based on the design, you could be looking at $3 per square foot or upwards of $15 or more per square foot. A more simple concrete patio design is going to be cheaper. As the actual design becomes more complex and custom, the price will go up. Keep in mind, though, that a very nice custom design can be extremely beautiful. The last key component is the material and finish for the concrete patio. There are tons of aesthetics for a concrete patio to fit your preferences.

How Long Do Concrete Patios Last?

No one wants to spend a decent chunk of money on something that isn’t going to last very long. Luckily, a concrete patio can last decades and upwards of 50 years. During these years it’s important to keep the concrete patio maintained to protect it from the elements. For example, building a concrete patio near a tree could cause a lot of issues in the future.

Concrete Patio Design Ideas

There are near endless ways for a concrete patio builder to make your perfect patio. From numerous colors to different designs and sizes, you can have just about anything done for your patio. You can have patios that are circular, square, and more. Additionally, with the advancement of technology and tools concrete patios can be stamped and stained. You could have a concrete patio that looks like beautiful stone, but it’s really just stamped and stained to make it look like that.

Things You Can Do With A Concrete Patio

Outdoor concrete patios are absolutely great for relaxing outdoors at your home. Being in North Texas, one of the most common uses for a patio is entertaining and parties. Concrete patios make for a good, stable surface to put a grill on. For those who have a really fancy taste, you could even have an outdoor kitchen built on your concrete patio. Add some decorations, some outdoor seating, good food, and good friends for a great time.

Professional Concrete Patio Builder In Keller

Getting a professionally built concrete patio requires precision and a lot of technical expertise. R&O Landscape Services has also built numerous concrete patios in Keller, Southlake, and the Fort Worth metroplex. If you are needing a professionally built concrete patio, give us a call today so we can start the design process to give you an estimate.