Raised Flower Beds in Keller, TX

Many homeowners are looking for solutions to their “problem” areas – places that just don’t look appealing or space that is underutilized. Raised flower beds, like these we built for a homeowner in Keller, transform a narrow strip that was previously awkward to mow into an eye-catching special feature. Nestled between the driveway and fence line, the raised height allows for views of seasonal flowers & other plants. This particular homeowner installed a series of 3 wooden raised beds that we customized with irrigation. Filled with the proper soil mix, they can use some or all of [...]

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Dry Creek Beds for Landscape Drainage Solutions

Does your property feature a grade or slope that catches excess rainwater runoff from adjacent properties? This frequently causes a number of issues ranging from erosion and ponding to creating a breeding ground for mosquito-borne illnesses. While French drains could have been one option, we recently collaborated with this homeowner in Keller, TX to design and construct a dry creek bed. Our North Texas torrential downpours would send water streaming through their back yard, resulting in standing water or overall dampness. During our design consultation, we recommended they utilize the existing natural "riverbed" to their advantage. The illusion of [...]

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Fall Lawn Maintenance

For many, fall is the best time to enjoy the outdoors in North Texas. Between football games, festivals, & countless other events who wants to spend their weekend doing chores? A study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that when people spend money on time-saving services, such as lawn care, it can actually make them feel happier. The science makes sense - although you might be perfectly capable of raking your own leaves the opportunity to buy back a bit of free time has a huge return on investment. When left on your [...]

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Masonry & Outdoor Lighting Installation

This Southlake homeowner wanted to highlight mature, graceful live oaks in her front & rear yards. Our team also installed flush, inground outdoor lighting around the perimeter & a water feature to create a sense of depth & warmth. It takes just 2-3 days to complete a masonry & outdoor lighting project that completely transforms a space. We make it easy to add nighttime security, each lighting plan is customised to your budget. Low voltage landscape lighting is a great way to enhance architectural features of any home, our commercial grade fixtures include a 5-year warranty. Up lighting was [...]

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R & O’s Top 5 Tips for Green Lawns in Keller, Southlake, & Colleyville

Although bermuda grass is dormant in late winter, your lawn care shouldn't be! Late winter is critical for maintaining a healthy lawn in the Keller, Southlake, & Colleyville areas. Here are R & O's top 5 tips to help get that beautiful, weed-free green turf when temperatures start to rise in a few short weeks. Scalp the lawn to remove the top layer of yellow-brown, dormant stubble. Our professionals drop our mower blades to remove old growth. This creates an environment to allow the soil to warm more quickly which allows your grass to turn green faster & remove [...]

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Schedule Your Regular Lawn Services Now!

Spring has arrived & we are resuming our regular lawn care maintenance services in Keller, Southlake, Colleyville & other areas for the 2018 growing season! Our weekly & biweekly lawn maintenance includes mowing, edging, trimming, & blowing - our staff is professional & detail-oriented for a job well done every time. Call or text R & O Landscape Services at 817-944-4592 or send us your address for a free quote.

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R & O’s Top 8 Early Spring Lawncare Tips

To prevent crabgrass & grassburs, apply pre-emergent now before weed seeds germinate (“emerge”). Do this ASAP, ideally before mid-late March as germination peaks. Earlier applications generally have best results. Scalp your lawn to remove winter-killed stubble & common broadleafed weeds, like henbit (scalloped leaves with purple flowers). Remove winter damage from shrubs, vines & groundcovers to clean them up before new growth starts. Remove & replace plantings that were killed or damaged beyond repair in the cold North Texas winter. Prune & reshape spring-flowering shrubs & vines immediately after blooming to correct erratic growth [...]

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Diamond Patterned Patio with Grass Borders

This Keller homeowner wanted to convert an underutilized area at the end of their driveway into a level seating area that complements their Tuscan-inspired property. We suggested this patio design with grass between the pavers to soften hard lines and instantly add a chic element. The outdoor porcelain material looks remarkably similar to travertine tiles and zeon zoysia was added to frame each porcelain paver, giving this project a finished look immediately upon completion. Grass makes an excellent filler between all types of paving materials. Not only does zeon zoysia sod offer a higher disease and [...]

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Stone Walkway to Dream Workshop

We consulted with this Keller homeowner to transform their ultimate side yard problem area to their ultimate side yard workshop! This North Texas family needed more space for their growing family but didn't want to move just for a 3-car garage.We recommended a hidden drain feature to prevent water from entering the workshop, keeping its treasures safe & dry. The drain system also directs water around the fence side to filter through a miniature dry creek. Contact R & O Landscape Services LLC at 817-944-4592 for a free estimate.#OklahomaFlagstone #StoneWalkway #DrainageSolutions

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Clark Griswold Holiday Lighting HQ

Fall is in full swing at R & O Landscape Services, LLC! October is one of our favorite times to be outdoors, either at home on the patio or at festivals & pumpkin patches in Grapevine & Southlake. Wouldn't you rather be enjoying the season rather than stringing up lights and extension cords, planting fall annuals, or laying a fresh layer of mulch to your flowerbeds? Most people want to have their Christmas lights ready for display at Thanksgiving. Get installing holiday lights off your to do list & on to our schedule! Design your own custom pattern with [...]

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