Is Hiring A Professional Landscaping Company Worth The Money?

Landscaping can be hours of grueling work for the average homeowner. Even doing routine yard maintenance can be a hassle, especially for those with bigger yards. For one or two people doing yard work that don’t have professional experience, landscaping can take numerous hours and cost a lot of money due to the inexperience. Hiring R & O Landscape Services in Keller, Southlake, and Fort Worth, Texas will not only save you time and money, it will give a spectacular look to your curb appeal. Is Landscaping A Good Investment? Depending on what kind of landscaping you [...]

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Should You Hire Professionals to Install Holiday Lighting?

Installing holiday lighting yourself can be a daunting and even intimidating task. From basic to complex Christmas light designs, the process can be time-consuming and even a little dangerous. This holiday season, consider hiring a professional company to install your holiday lighting. Hiring Professionals Is A Lot Safer There is a lot more to installing holiday lighting than simply pulling out the ladder and hanging up the lights. Without even considering the design process to ensure a beautiful nightscape, putting up Christmas lights can be dangerous. This is especially true if you have a larger, two-story house. When installing [...]

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Outdoor Lighting in Southlake Texas

Outdoor lighting can be an afterthought in landscape design. But it adds so much value not only as a marketable improvement, in enhancing safety and security, and for creating striking curb-appeal. With long summer & fall months ahead, it's a great time to add or update a lighting system to enjoy the cooler night air. R & O Landscape Services has beautiful options for professional outdoor lighting solutions - contact Ricardo for a consultation today! Make 1 call for all your landscaping, lawn maintenance, stonework & lawn irrigation, Christmas lights, & outdoor lighting needs in Fort Worth | Keller [...]

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Late Winter Lawn Care for North Texas

With the recent glimpses of warm weather, our savvy clients are wondering what to tackle now to start the growing season off right. Here's our top tips! FERTILIZE Schedule fertilization service for Bermuda & St. Augustine for late February to early March. We can boost the life of your cool-season annual flowers, like pansies, with a high-nitrogen application. Lawn not looking so hot right now? Call us to schedule an application of broadleafed weedkiller spray to kill clover, dandelions, & other grassy weeds. PLANT Now is the perfect time to plant trees & shrubs to establish a root system [...]

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Easy Steps for a Golf Course Inspired Lawn

The next 5 weeks are crucial for teeing up a lawn that's golf course inspired. Scalp your lawn. “Scalping” is done when the mower blades are lowered to remove more length from the blades of grass than is typically done in a regular mow. This process clears away winter debris & exposes the soil to more sunlight, helping warm the soil to spur new growth in warm season grasses. Scalping also helps identify problem areas of a lawn to fill in or level sunken areas. Can you DIY? Sure, but it's messy job that [...]

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Flagstone Walkway in Keller, Texas

Have a high traffic area that needs attention? We install custom flagstone & pea gravel walkways that are a refreshing & water permeable alternative to poured concrete. Ideal applications are in areas with low sunlight & poor drainage or limited irrigation where accessibility is key. Make 1 call for all your landscaping, lawn maintenance, stonework & lawn irrigation, Christmas lights, & outdoor lighting needs in Fort Worth | Keller | Southlake | Colleyville | Westlake | Grapevine | Bedford | Trophy Club | Roanoke | Alliance | NW Tarrant County

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Aeration – The Secret Weapon for a Healthy Lawn

Perhaps you’ve heard that aerating your grass regularly promotes a healthy lawn. But many people don’t realize what an essential tool this process is, how it creates a healthy turf, & when it should be done. What Is Aeration? Aeration really is essential to a healthy lawn in the same way that exercise promotes wellness in the body. Without aeration, your efforts at other basic lawn care such as fertilization may be less effective. Every time you walk, mow, or play on your grass the soil becomes compacted. Over time, this traffic hinders airflow to the roots of grass. [...]

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Summer Lawn Care in North Texas

Everyone knows summer in North Texas isn't easy on lawn grasses. But R & O Landscape Services, LLC has some tips to help keep your yard looking healthy & fresh. Now is the perfect time to give your lawn an energy boost before the dog days of summer are upon us! Bermuda grass should be fertilized every 8 weeks to keep it thick & lush through the growing season. St. Augustine and zoysia grasses should also be fertilized now, then again in mid-September. Does just thinking about getting out the spreader make you start to sweat? Our commercial grade, [...]

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Stone Patio & Firepit in Keller, Texas

R & O is different than basic lawn service companies in that we offer a wide variety of outdoor services, like this gorgeous stone patio & firepit we designed & created in collaboration with the homeowner. When you are ready to create your dream outdoor oasis, you don't have to look anywhere else to find a company you can trust with decades of experience. Our design services are included at no extra cost, whether it's taking your existing concept to the next level or developing customized recommendations from scratch...just make 1 call to R & O. Stone flowerbed & [...]

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Landscaping Design in Keller, Texas

With this slightly cooler weather, now is the perfect time to get on R & O Landscape's schedule to refresh or "remodel" your landscape.Fall is the ideal season to plant since the months of September through December have major advantages. Fall planting avoids the hot, dry summer and trees and shrubs planted use this to good advantage before the cool winter season sets. Roots grow as long as the soil temperature is 40 degrees or higher, which could be most or all winter long in Northwest Tarrant County areas.R & O Landscape Services recommends installing new plants now, so the [...]

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