Top 3 Benefits Of Winter Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing and winter weather might not sound like the most likely of combinations, but you might be surprised what benefits come with a touch of winter fertilization. With some prior knowledge and research on best practices for fertilizing in the winter or hiring a professional landscaping company to take care of your fertilizing needs, you’ll soon be on your way to a healthy, strong lawn just in time for the spring growing season! Here are three benefits to fertilizing your grass during the winter:  Helps to maintain nutrient levels in dormant grass Promotes strong root growth  Prepares grass for [...]

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Benefits Of Professional Landscaping In Texas

Landscaping at its finest can be a beautiful representation of the outside of your home, and at its worst, can leave your home feeling unattractive and dismal. Between the cutting, shaping, fertilizing and planting that go into creating a beautiful landscape, there is no shortage to the tasks that you may or may not be doing! Rather than go into another season wondering what you’re forgetting to do to care for your lawn, it might be time to consider hiring a landscaping business. When you opt for professional landscaping services, you’ll get:  Improved lawn health and appearance Professional  Time [...]

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Tree Pruning In North Texas

Just when you think you’re going to catch a break after all of the summer lawn care and maintenance, you find out you’re also supposed to be pruning your trees. As if homeowners need one more responsibility! Tree pruning is not without benefit though. Trees that are pruned every 3-5 years are more healthy than trees that are not pruned at all or rarely. Depending on the type of tree you have, you may need to prune more or less. Read on to get the scoop so you feel more confident approaching tree pruning when the time comes. Pruning Before WinterPruning trees [...]

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Drainage For Winter Lawn Care

Preparing your lawn for winter requires some work, but the results you’ll see in the spring are well worth any effort you put in ahead of time. If raking and fertilizing your lawn in the fall are the frontlines of lawn care, then making sure you have a proper drainage system in place to rid your lawn of excess water over the winter covers the behind the scenes work. Having a dependable drainage system can be the difference between a healthy, vibrant lawn in the Spring time or a sloshy, mucky mess. Here are a few reasons why having a drainage [...]

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Maintain Your Lawn During Winter

Lawn care in the winter is less tedious than the amount of work required during the hot summer months, but that doesn’t mean that care should go by the wayside altogether. Maintaining your lawn over the winter will provide you a lush, healthy lawn when Spring rolls back around and you’ll be glad for the effort you put into it. A few best practices for caring for your lawn include: Clearing snow and icePreventing winter weedsProviding water to your lawnEven in the winter, a little bit of lawn care goes a long way!  Here is a quick overview of habits to [...]

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Preparing Your Lawn For Winter

Winter will be here before you know it and while the prospect of cooler weather is exciting, it’s also a good reminder to start thinking about the lawn care practices that need to be taken care of before the cold weather hits. You might be thinking that once summer is over you can let the lawn care slide since you won’t have to mow as much and the sun won’t be beating down, drying out your grass. However, there are still three main preparations you should include in your lawn care routine before winter comes full on: Raking leaves and debris [...]

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Hardscaping Services Provided By R&O Landscape

As the weather gets cooler and the sun starts to set earlier, you might be thinking your nights of hanging out on the deck, enjoying the evening are over. But they sure don’t have to be! With R&O Landscape’s professional services on your side, we’ll have you set up for enjoying your outdoor space in no time at all. There are a variety of enhancements we can do to help your yard feel welcoming and comfortable no matter the time of year. With our help, together we can create: Pleasantly lit pathways and light designs Functional and fun outdoor kitchen [...]

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Residential And Commercial Sprinkler Installation And Repair In Fort Worth

If you’ve been setting up hoses with sprinklers and dragging them around your yard to get some moisture onto your grass for the last decade, this is your sign to look into having a sprinkler system installed. Not only do sprinkler systems keep your landscape looking fresh, they save you time and money in the long run since you can control when they turn on and off and the strength of the water output. R&O Landscape Services is the trusted source for installing both commercial and residential sprinkler systems in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our team has years of [...]

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The French Drain: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

French drains are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek out ways to prevent too much water from sitting on their lawns and their landscape. These drains are designed to transport excess water from anywhere around your yard to a place of your choosing. French drains provide a sense of security as they drain water away from your home’s foundation, protecting its structural integrity. Not only are French drains functional, they are also visually appealing and can add beauty and value to your yard. French drains are shown to have a long lifespan so your investment will last for years to [...]

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Choosing A Fence Material That Is Best For Texas

Fences do more than just provide an enclosure for your yard. They offer privacy, give an extra layer of protection from inclement weather and may even deter burglars! So if it’s time to consider a fence for your north Texas home, you should spend some time investigating what kind of materials will hold up best for the climate you live in. Ask yourself these questions about the materials you are considering: Will it stand up against the elements? Has it been properly dried and processed? Is it decay resistant? How low is heat conductivity? Yes, most fences will probably do [...]

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