Are you looking for an updated look to incorporate into your outdoor space? Pergolas have become an increasingly popular option for home builders who want to add to their property’s value while enjoying a tangible benefit at the same time. Pergolas can be either freestanding structures or they can attach to your home on one or more sides. 

While there are many more benefits to include, here are 7 of the top benefits of having a pergola:

  • Provides shade and reduces sunlight
  • Adds structure to your property
  • Extends your living space
  • Increases privacy 
  • Adds to your home’s value
  • Low maintenance requirements 
  • Affordable landscape option

Provide Shade And Reduce Sunlight

Living in Texas, you see your fair share of sunlight, sometimes much more than you’d like! With a pergola added to your outside property, your outdoor living space will have more protection from the sun. Pergolas provide just enough shade to be able to relax comfortably in the warm summer days without having to worry about being fried to a crisp or fall victim to sun exposure illnesses. 

Add Structure To Your Property

Adding a pergola is a great way to add structure and visual appeal to your property. Often homes can benefit from just a touch of a change and a pergola is a great option if you want to switch up your property’s appearance without doing any in depth remodeling. Your pergola can be attached to your home to pull your home and your outdoor space together, or it can be a separate structure to provide shade to a specific area of your yard.

Attached pergola over patio

Extends Your Living Space

Having an outdoor space for your family to enjoy is a great way to get kids and pets outside of your home and make your property feel bigger! Pergolas are a great way to extend your living space without having to knock down walls or go through a lengthy remodeling process. You can include chairs, couches, or hammocks, complete with a concrete patio under your pergola to create an outdoor living space for your whole family to enjoy!

Increase Privacy 

One easily overlooked benefit of pergola installation is that it provides an extra means of privacy for your home and yard. No longer do you have to only rely on your  fence for privacy! If you live in a tightly grouped neighborhood, a pergola can offer some extra coverage so that your home and outdoor space is more hidden from your neighbors. 

Add To Your Home’s Value

Before considering any big project, you should make note of what benefits the project will bring to your home’s overall value. Adding a pergola will not only increase the amount of your home’s functional space, it can easily add a visual appeal to your home as well. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike some other landscaping projects, a pergola is a very low maintenance investment. Depending on the material it’s built with, you may have to treat the wood used to build the pergola every few years, but in general a pergola requires little to no yearly maintenance aside from your cleaning preferences. 

Affordable Landscape Upgrade

Finding an affordable landscaping upgrade can seem like an impossible task, but when compared with other landscaping projects you could choose from, having a pergola installed is quite a cost effective solution. 

Contact R&O Landscape Service For A Custom Built Pergola

If a pergola seems like the perfect fit for your outdoor landscaping vision, you are in luck! The professionals at R&O Landscape Services have built beautiful, long-standing pergolas in a variety of styles with overwhelming customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced landscapers can help you design a pergola that will perfectly fit your style and meet your needs. Call R&O Landscape today at 817-944-4594 to request an estimate for your pergola installation!