If you’re looking to update the appearance of a walkway, driveway, patio or any area of your outdoor property by incorporating an element of concrete design into the process, taking advantage of the versatility concrete provides might be just the right approach for you! Concrete is easy to work with, convenient to produce and can be beautifully designed in any way that compliments your style and your home. When you opt to use concrete for your next outdoor project you can count on its quality and craftsmanship to:

  • Hold up well over time
  • Easily blend into your existing landscape
  • Compliment you home
  • Provide countless design options to choose from 

Planning And Design

Before a professional landscaping company can get started on your concrete project, you need to meet to discuss the importance of proper planning and design for concrete installation. From assessing the site’s existing conditions, determining the desired layout and function of the concrete, and selecting your desired materials and finishes, you will have plenty of choices to make. 

Concrete stone walkway

Professional landscaping companies who have great experience in installing concrete will be able to provide guidance, ideas and execution to carry your project through perfectly. 

When it comes to designing your new concrete work, your concrete can be designed to have an appearance of slate, natural stone, brick and even hardwood! The possibilities are truly endless when you take into account choosing many options such as a specific design, pattern, and color tint. 

Excavation And Preparation

To make sure your new concrete work is as durable as possible, it is crucial that the designated area is properly prepared before beginning the construction process. The first step in preparing your landscape for professional concrete installation is to excavate and prepare the area. This includes removing any existing grass, plants, and debris, and leveling the ground to ensure a stable base for the concrete. Space may need to be cleared for larger projects, which will require more work ahead of time. 

Once the space is prepared, it’s important to make sure the ground is properly compacted, so that over time the concrete does not settle or crack. Installing a crushed rock or gravel base to help with drainage and provide a stable foundation for the concrete is also a great idea to ensure the longevity of your new addition.

Installation And Finishing

Installing and finishing concrete projects involves a few key steps. Once the area has been excavated and cleaned up, forms are set in place to contain the wet concrete. Reinforcements such as steel bars or mesh may be added to provide extra strength. Once the forms are in place, the concrete is poured and leveled. The surface of the concrete is finished by smoothing and troweling it to create a smooth surface, and any texturing or stamping takes place to create a decorative finish. The concrete is then left to cure for several days before it can be used. If a color or tint is to be added to the concrete mix, this will be done before pouring it into the forms. 

Professional Concrete Installation By R & O Landscaping

When it’s time for an updated look for the outside of your home, consider incorporating a concrete design to bring beauty and accent to your outdoor space. A concrete patio, staircase or even driveway could be the perfect effect to compliment the rest of your home, while adding value at the same time! At R & O Landscape Services in Keller, we pride ourselves on years worth of experience designing beautiful concrete creations for our customers. Call us today at 817-944-4592 to request a quote for your own project!