Home improvement can be a time of great excitement, but also a time filled with questions. If you’re ready to make updates to your patio or perhaps add a patio to your landscape/hardscape plans, you’ve probably considered how big you’d like it to be, whether you want it to have a few steps going down into your yard, and you’ve almost certainly wondered how much these patio plans will cost. 


Concrete patios are a fantastic option for anyone ready to update their landscape without breaking the bank. If you are looking to get a great deal for your money, and your home’s appearance, concrete patios are worth considering. 

Average Cost Of Concrete Patios By Size

As with any building project, typically the bigger the project the more expensive the end result will be. A basic concrete patio in Fort Worth can range anywhere from $8-$13 per square foot for reinforced concrete, while un-reinforced concrete ranges from $7-$12 per square foot. Stamped concrete can range from $11-$18 per square foot for reinforced concrete.

For a reinforced, basic concrete patio in Fort Worth, the following calculations are provided for approximate ideas on what to expect for cost:


  • 8 ft x 8 ft – $500-$800
  • 12 ft x 12 ft – $1000-$1800
  • 10 ft x 15 ft – $1200-$2000
  • 16 ft x 20 ft – $2500-$4000
How Much Do Concrete Patios Cost In Fort Worth

What Else Can Affect The Cost?

Homeowners looking to add in a concrete patio should first consider the size they are hoping to add since size will be the biggest factor contributing to cost. On the very low end, concrete patios could cost from $4.50 all the way up to $16 per square foot. One way to think about cost related to size is to remember that a 100 square foot patio will cost 5x less than a 500 foot square patio. In addition to size, the shape and thickness of your patio will also affect the cost. 


Stamping, texturing or other designs to your concrete, those services will also increase the price since they require more time and labor from the professionals. If the ground you are building on needs to be graded or sloped, the cost to carry out that service will be applied on top of the labor and materials required to pour the patio itself. Reinforced concrete is always a good idea to help guarantee the longevity of your concrete patio, but keep in mind that reinforcing concrete takes more time, labor and materials.

Benefits of a Concrete Patio

As with any home improvement, there are pros and cons to having a concrete patio. During seasons of nice weather, an outdoor patio can double as additional dining and living space. Concrete is also extremely versatile and can be designed to match nearly any style you prefer for your home. 


Concrete is easier to clean and maintain than wood or composite decks. Patios are simpler to care for and have a long lasting durability and you do not have to worry about sanding and re-staining concrete patios every few years as you do wooden decks. 


Another great benefit for homeowners looking to add a concrete patio is that they are relatively cheaper to install than brick, stone or tile patios. Concrete patios are less labor-intensive which makes them more cost effective for any budget. 

Premium Concrete Patio Builder In Fort Worth

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